Shioka Hamamatsu

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Shioka Hamamatsu
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
Job title
Administrator for Research Management

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Awards & Honors

Mar 2019
JSHS Horticulture Achievement Award, The Japanese Society for Horticultural Science

Published Papers

Sekizawa Haruhito, Horii Sachie, Kuwana Atsushi, Hachinohe Mayumi, Hamamatsu Shioka
RADIOISOTOPES   68(5) 345-354   May 2019   [Refereed]
<p>We measured 137Cs concentrations in the young persimmon fruit of each tree in 4 orchards in Fukushima prefecture. We found that the 137Cs concentrations in the young fruit differed even within the same orchard, and it was ...
堀井 幸江, 草塲 新之助, 関澤 春仁, 八戸 真弓, 濱松 潮香, 松波 寿弥, 野中 章久, 村上 敏文
農研機構研究報告 東北農業研究センター = BULLETIN OF THE NARO, AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH FOR TOHOKU REGION   (121) 39-47   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
We investigated the influence of defoliation on the 137Cs concentration of mature Japanes persimmon fruits to verify the involvement of radiocesium translocation from leaves to fruit. The 137Cs concentration of leaves was decreased during harvest ...
Yoshida Mitsuru, Ichikawa Mio, Tomita Itsuki, Chiku Kazuhiro, Hachinohe Mayumi, Hamamatsu Shioka, Okadome Hiroshi
Nippon Shokuhin Kagaku Kogaku Kaishi   66(2) 47-51   Feb 2019   [Refereed]
<p>Change in the amount and concentration of radioactive cesium (134Cs and 137Cs) in rice after low degree polishing and subsequent cooking were investigated. Decreases of 3% and 8% of total cesium were observed after polishi...
Hachinohe M, Nihei N, Kawamoto S, Hamamatsu S
Journal of food protection   81(6) 881-885   Jun 2018   [Refereed]
R. Furukawa, Y. Unno, T. Miura, A. Yunoki, M. Hachinohe, S. Hamamatsu
Applied Radiation and Isotopes   134 32-34   Apr 2018   [Refereed]
© 2017 We aimed to develop certified reference materials that could be used for well-type HPGe detector. We chose wheat flour as a sample and evaluated the homogeneity of the sample in well-type container (5 ml). Results showed that inhomogeneity ...
R. Furukawa, Y. Unno, T. Miura, A. Yunoki, M. Hachinohe, S. Hamamatsu, H. Itadzu, M. Mizui
Applied Radiation and Isotopes   126 249-251   Aug 2017   [Refereed]
© 2017 Elsevier Ltd In Japan, we conducted proficiency testing of activity measurement by using high-purity germanium detectors for 134 Cs and 137 Cs in brown rice grains. Among 176 reported results, 86 % (for 134 Cs) and 93 % (for 137 Cs) of ...
Hachinohe Mayumi, Sasaki Tomoko, Shindoh Kumiko, Okunishi Tomoya, Hamamatsu Shioka
NIPPON SHOKUHIN KAGAKU KOGAKU KAISHI   64(4) 191-199   Apr 2017   [Refereed]
<p>The distribution of radioactive cesium (137Cs) from noodles to broth during noodle cooking was investigated using rice noodles differing in firmness. The firmness of rice noodles was controlled by the gluten concentration, 5%, 10%, a...
進藤 久美子, 八戸 真弓, 濱松 潮香
農研機構研究報告 食品研究部門 = Bulletin of the NARO, Food Research   (1) 95-103   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Hachinohe Mayumi, Sasaki Tomoko, Shindoh Kumiko, Okunishi Tomoya, Hamamatsu Shioka
Sekizawa Haruhito, Sato Mari, Aihara Takashi, Murakami Toshifumi, Hachinohe Mayumi, Hamamatsu Shioka
RADIOISOTOPES   65(12) 507-515   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
<p>To elucidate the pathways for radioactive caesium contamination in persimmon fruit, we investigated the effects of radioactive caesium concentration on translocation via the calyx. The calyces were inoculated with water containing caesiu...


八戸真弓, 濱松潮香, 川本伸一, 二瓶直登
農村工学研究部門成果情報   2017 61‐62   Jun 2018
濱松潮香, 八戸真弓, 海野泰裕, 古川里央, 三浦勉, 柚木彰
農村工学研究部門成果情報   2016 55‐56   Sep 2017
八戸真弓, 濱松潮香, 奥西智哉
食品試験研究成果情報   (28) 20‐21   Mar 2016
佐藤 真理, 関澤 春仁, 村上 敏文, 八戸 真弓, 濱松 潮香
福島県農業総合センター研究報告   (0) 1-6   Mar 2016
八戸 真弓, 濱松 潮香
JATAFFジャーナル = JATAFF journal : 農林水産技術   3(9) 35-40   Sep 2015
八戸真弓, 濱松潮香, 内藤成弘, 松倉潮
食品試験研究成果情報   (27) 80-81   Mar 2015
八戸真弓, 濱松潮香, 久保雄司, 丹治克男, 中川力夫, 木村啓太郎
食品試験研究成果情報   (26) 66-67   Mar 2014
食糧その科学と技術   52(52) 5-26   Mar 2014   [Refereed][Invited]

Books etc

food hazard materials-how to keep our food in safe
Shioka Hamamatsu (Part:Contributor)
Jul 2014   

Conference Activities & Talks

八戸真弓, 山田龍太郎, 濱松潮香
日本食品衛生学会学術講演会講演要旨集   2 Nov 2018   
関澤春仁, 堀井幸江, 堀井幸江, 八戸真弓, 濱松潮香
園芸学研究 別冊   22 Sep 2018   
会田勇一, 野村篤史, 古川理央, 海野泰裕, 三浦勉, 柚木彰, 八戸真弓, 濱松潮香
アイソトープ・放射線研究発表会要旨集   20 Jun 2018   
柚木彰, 三浦勉, 海野泰裕, 濱松潮香, 八戸真弓
アイソトープ・放射線研究発表会要旨集   20 Jun 2018   
八戸真弓, 佐々木朋子, 進藤久美子, 奥西智哉, 濱松潮香
日本食品衛生学会学術講演会講演要旨集   20 Oct 2017   
堀井幸江, 堀井幸江, 草場新之助, 関澤春仁, 八戸真弓, 桑名篤, 濱松潮香, 松波寿弥, 村上敏文, 村上敏文
園芸学研究 別冊   2 Sep 2017   
関澤春仁, 堀井幸江, 堀井幸江, 八戸真弓, 濱松潮香
園芸学研究 別冊   2 Sep 2017   
進藤久美子, 八戸真弓, 濱松潮香
日本食品科学工学会大会講演集   28 Aug 2017   
久保田富次郎, SHIN M., 宮津進, 万福裕造, 濱松潮香, 八戸真弓, 保高徹生
農業農村工学会大会講演会講演要旨集(CD-ROM)   8 Aug 2017   
板津英輔, 服部友紀, 阿部敬朗, 水井雅之, 古川理央, 海野泰裕, 三浦勉, 柚木彰, 八戸真弓, 濱松潮香
アイソトープ・放射線研究発表会要旨集   20 Jun 2017