Sotaro Shibayama

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Sotaro Shibayama
The University of Tokyo
Todai Policy Alternatives Research Institute
Job title
Senior Lecturer
PhD(University of Tokyo), Master of Economics(University of New England)
Other affiliation
Lund University

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Senior Researcher, Policy Alternative Research Institute, University of Tokyo
Senior Lecturer, School of Economics and Management, Lund University
University of Tokyo
Associate Professor, Science, Technology, and Innovation Governance, University of Tokyo
Visiting Scholar, School of Economics, University of Turin


University of Tokyo
University of Tokyo
University of Tokyo

Awards & Honors

Best Junior Paper Award, nternational Schumpeter Society Conference
Best Young Scholar Paper Award, Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics

Published Papers

Sotaro Shibayama
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Shibayama S
Scientometrics   28(1) 545-60   Jul 2011   [Refereed]
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SHIBAYAMA Sotaro, BABA Yasunori
The journal of science policy and research management   25(2) 224-236   Mar 2011
Previous studies have suggested that the trend of academic capitalism has undermined the cooperative relationship between academic scientists in the US and other nations. Focusing on material transfer, a typical form of cooperation in natural scie...
Shibayama S.
Scientometrics   88(1) 43-60   2011   [Refereed]
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森近憲行, 柴山創太郎
研究・技術計画学会年次学術大会講演要旨集(CD−ROM)   26th ROMBUNNO.2B27   Oct 2011
柴山創太郎, 馬場靖憲
研究・技術計画学会年次学術大会講演要旨集(CD−ROM)   26th ROMBUNNO.2D12   Oct 2011
谷川国洋, 柴山創太郎, 藤本隆平, 木村廣道
日本薬学会年会要旨集   127th(2) 206   Mar 2007
柴山創太郎, 谷川国洋, 藤本隆平, 木村廣道
日本薬学会年会要旨集   127th(2) 206   Mar 2007
清田涼子, 柴山創太郎, 三浦賢司, 桐野豊, 瀧嶋邦夫
生化学   74(8) 923   Aug 2002

Books etc

Moving out of Academic Research: Why Scientists Stop Doing Research
Geuna, A. & Shibayama, S. (Part:Joint Work)
Elsevier   2015   
Appointment, Promotion and Mobility of Bioscience Researchers in Japan
Lawson, C. & Shibayama, S. (Part:Joint Work)
Interdisciplinarity in Research and Development
Shibayama, S. & Shichijo, N. (Part:Joint Editor)
Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management   2014   
Academic Entrepreneurship in Japanese Universities: Effects of University Interventions on Entrepreneurial and Academic Activities
Shibayama, S. & Saka A. (Part:Joint Work)
NISTEP   2010   
Merger of Yamanouchi Pharma and Fujisawa Pharma
Shibayama, S. & Tanikawa, K. (Part:Joint Work)
Keio Business School   2007   

Conference Activities & Talks

Production of Science and Scientist: A Cohort Analysis of Japanese PhDs
Kobayashi, Y., & Shibayama, S
Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation Policy   2017   
Production of Science vs. Scientist: Case of Life Science Laboratories in Japan.
Sotaro Shibayama
The 10th Workshop on The Organisation, Economics and Policy of Scientific Research   2016   
Intergenerational Transfer of Scientific Knowledge and Sustainable Development of Science.
Sotaro Shibayama
2016 Eu-SPRI Conference Exploring new avenues for Innovation and Research Policies.   2016   
Sustainable Development of Science Production of Science vs. Scientists in Life Science Labs.
Sotaro Shibayama
DRUID16   2016   
Gender gap in science in Japan. [Invited]
Geuna, A. & Shibayama, S.
16th Congress of the International Joseph A. Schumpetter Society   2016   
Multiple Affiliations in Scientific Research: Evidence from Germany, Japan and the UK
Lawson, C., Hottenrott, H. & Shibayama, S.
7th Asia Pacific Innovation Conference   2016   
Dishonesty in Scientific Peer Review. [Invited]
Shibayama, S. & Baba, Y.
Economics of Science and Innovation Workshop   2015   
Dishonest Conformity in Scientific Peer Review.
Shibayama, S. & Baba, Y.
DRUID15 Conference   2015   
Sustainable Development of Science: Production of Science vs. Scientists in Life Science Laboratories. [Invited]
Sotaro Shibayama
AIEA-NBER Conference.   2015   
Moving out of Academic Research: Why Do Scientists Stop Doing Research? [Invited]
Geuna, A. & Shibayama, S.
European Economic Association meeting   2015   
Intergenerational Dynamics of Production of Science and Scientist.
Sotaro Shibayama
Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation Policy   2015   
Rationale of Low-Impact Publication: A Case Study of Japanese Life Sciences.
Shibayama, S. & Baba, Y.
LEI-BRICK Workshop: the Organization, Economics, and Policy of Scientific Research   2014   
Rationale of Low-Impact Publication.
Shibayama, S. & Baba, Y.
DRUID Society Conference 2014   2014   
Changing Norms of Scientific Production in Publish-or-Perish.
Shibayama, S. & Baba, Y.
AIEA-NBER Conference.   2014   
Changing Norms on Scientific Publication: A Case Study of Japanese Life Sciences.
Shibayama, S. & Baba, Y.
Eu-SPRI 2014 Manchester Conference   2014   
Social Organization of Life Science Laboratories.
Sotaro Shibayama
American Sociological Association Annual Meeting   2013   
Adaptating Laboratories in Biology: How Techno-Social Contexts Determine Task Allocation.
Shibayama, S., et al.
LEI-BRICK Workshop: the Organization, Economics, and Policy of Scientific Research   2013   
Determinants of Publication Destination: Who Publishes in Low-impact Journals?
Morichika, N., Shibayama, S. & Baba, Y.
Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation Policy.   2013   
Evolution of Academic Cooperation. [Invited]
Sotaro Shibayama
AIEA-NBER Conference.   2013   
Evolution of Academic Cooperation: Resource Sharing between Scientists under the Trend of Commercialism [Invited]
Sotaro Shibayama
ESF-JSPS Frontier Science Conference Series for Young Researchers   2012