Shiho ASAI

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Shiho ASAI

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2019
Senior Researcher, Inorganic Standards Group Research Institute for Material and Chemical Measurement, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Oct 2005
Mar 2019
Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Apr 2000
Sep 2007
Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute

Published Papers

Asai Shiho, Ohata Masaki, Yomogida Takumi, Saeki Morihisa, Ohba Hironori, Hanzawa Yukiko, Horita Takuma, Kitatsuji Yoshihiro
ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY   411(5) 973-983   Feb 2019   [Refereed]
Asai Shiho, Hanzawa Yukiko, Konda Miki, Suzuki Daisuke, Magara Masaaki, Kimura Takaumi, Ishihara Ryo, Saito Kyoichi, Yamada Shinsuke, Hirota Hideyuki
TALANTA   185 98-105   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Recovery of Rare Metals Using Nucleic Acid Bases and Extractants Immobilized by Grafted Polymer Chains
Saito Kyoichi, Asai Shiho
BUNSEKI KAGAKU   66(11) 771-782   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
Yomogida Takumi, Asai Shiho, Saeki Morihisa, Hanzawa Yukiko, Horita Takuma, Esaka Fumitaka, Ohba Hironori, Kitatsuji Yoshihiro
BUNSEKI KAGAKU   66(9) 647-652   Sep 2017   [Refereed]
Saito Kyoichi, Kojima Takashi, Asai Shiho
BUNSEKI KAGAKU   66(4) 233-242   Apr 2017   [Refereed]


佐伯 盛久, 浅井 志保, 大場 弘則
ぶんせき   2018(4) 138-143   Apr 2018
YOMOGIDA Takumi, ASAI Shiho, SAEKI Morihisa, HANZAWA Yukiko, HORITA Takuma, ESAKA Fumitaka, OHBA Hironori, KITATSUJI Yoshihiro
BUNSEKI KAGAKU   66(9) 647-652   2017
Palladium-107 can be found in high-level radioactive liquid wastes (HLLW). Owing to its long half-life (6.5 million years), determining the 107Pd contents in HLLW is essential to evaluate the long-term safety of HLLW repositories. ...
Asai Shiho, Saito Kyoichi
Biomedical Research on Trace Elements   28(1) 1-10   2017
<p>Radionuclides are commonly determined with radiometry and mass spectrometry. For gamma-emitting nuclides, the activities can be measured without chemical separation due to the strong penetration ability. In contrast, the measurements of alpha a...
HORITA Takuma, ASAI Shiho, KONDA Miki, HANZAWA Yukiko, SAITO Kyoichi, FUJIWARA Kunio, SUGO Takanobu, KITATSUJI Yoshihiro
BUNSEKI KAGAKU   66(3) 189-193   2017
A Sr adsorption fiber was prepared for rapid analysis of 90Sr content in the fiber using radiation-induced emulsion graft polymerization and subsequent chemical modification. A polyethylene fiber with a diameter of 13 &mu;m was first...
SOMEYA Taka-aki, ASAI Shiho, FUJIWARA Kunio, SUGO Takanobu, UMENO Daisuke, SAITO Kyoichi
Bulletin of the Society of Sea Water Science, Japan   69(1) 42-48   2015
Insoluble cobalt ferrocyanide(Co-FC)microparticles were impregnated onto a polymer chain grafted onto the surface of a 6-nylon fiber by means of radiation-induced graft polymerization and subsequent precipitation. The resultant Co-FC-impregnated ...