IDO Shinji

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IDO Shinji
Nagoya University
Job title
Associate professor
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Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 2013
Mar 2017
Associate professor, Graduate School of International Development Department of International Communication International Communication, Nagoya University
Apr 2017
Associate professor, Graduate School of Humanities Department of Humanities 1, Nagoya University


Oct 1998
Department of Linguistics, University of Sydney
May 2002
School of European, Asian & Middle Eastern Languages and Studies, University of Sydney

Published Papers

Shinji Ido
Silk Road and Eurasian Transcultural Relations   16-19   Jul 2018   [Invited]
The first three formant frequency (F1, F2, and F3) values of vowels produced by three Bukharan Eroni informants were measured. An analysis of the F1 and F2 values of the vowels indicated an apparent lack of sociolinguistic variation between the Er...
Shinji Ido
Journal of Jewish Languages   5(1) 1-23   2017   [Refereed]
Tülay Çulha, Shinji Ido
Türkologiya   2017(1) 42-57   2017   [Refereed]
The present paper analyzes the vowel signs and vowel letters used in a hitherto unpublished manuscript written in Crimean Karaim. The analysis reveals possible discrepancies between the vowel phonology of the Crimean Karaim recorded in a `definiti...
Shinji Ido
Turkic Languages   22(2) 216-233   2016   [Refereed]
Shinji Ido
Journal of the International Phonetic Association   44(1) 87-102   2014   [Refereed]

Books etc

Toon Van Hal, Shinji Ido, et al. (Part:Joint Work, Huihuiguan zazi: A New Persian glossary compiled in Ming China)
Mouton De Gruyter   2018   ISBN:978-3-11-045579-3
Huihuiguan zazi, a New Persian glossary compiled in China during the Ming period (1368-1644), has been largely neglected in the linguistic study of Persian despite its obvious importance as a source of data on the historical development of New Per...
Habib Borijian, Ross Perlin, Johnny Cheung, Matteo de Chiara, Shinji Ido, Mikhail Pelevin, Lutz Rzehak, Gabrielle van den Berg, Benjamin Gatling, Evelin Grassi, Keith Hitchins, Samuel Hodgkin, Thomas Loy (Part:Joint Work, New Persian vowels transcribed in Ming China)
Association pour l'Avancement des Études Iraniennes   2015   ISBN:9782910640439
This paper analyses New Persian words transcribed in Chinese script in huihuiguan zazi, a New Persian-Chinese glossary compiled in Ming China. The analysis reveals a correspondence between the vowel contrasts of modem Tajik and those of the variet...
Sharq xattotlik va miniatyura san'atidan namunalar: VII-XXI asrlar
Centre of Bahouddin Naqshband Memorial Complex, Tohira Alimova, Ravil' Chepkunov, Lutfullo Jo'raev, Roun Vagner, Shinji Ido (Part:Joint Work)
O'zbekiston   2011   ISBN:978-9943-01-474-9
Shinji Ido
Kebikeç Yayınları   2006   ISBN:9757981354
Shinji Ido
Lincom   2005   ISBN:9783895863165

Conference Activities & Talks

A "state language" based on a minority language in a neighbouring state
Shinji Ido
First International Conference on Revitalization of Indigenous and Minoritized Languages   19 Apr 2017   
A vowel shift (or lack thereof) in two Indo-Iranian languages
Shinji Ido
37th Annual Conference of Linguistic Society of Nepal   26 Nov 2016   
One vowel system for two languages: The vowel inventory of Bukharan Tajik-Uzbek bilinguals
Shinji Ido
The 13th Language and Society Confrerence, New Zealand   28 Nov 2012   
Vowel alternation in disyllabic reduplicatives: An areal dimension
Shinji Ido
International Conference on Minority Languages XII   28 May 2009   
Language contact and chain shifting in tandem: the vowel system of Tajik
Shinji Ido
The 23rd Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics   1 Oct 2008