IKEDA Shinji

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IKEDA Shinji
University of Toyama
Faculty of Humanities
Job title
Associate Professor


My field of research is the history and philosophy of logic and mathematics in 17th century Europe. The main theme of my research is Leibniz's philosophy of mathematics. Especially, I focus on "the Labyrinth of Continuum" which is one of the central problems of Leibniz. In this context, I am also interested in the problem of continuum in 19th and 20th century (e.g. Brentano, Peirce, Cantor, Dedekind, Brouwer, H. Weyl). I am also studying Descartes' philosophy of mathematics, especially his early writings on mathematics and philosophy. My other research interest is the philosophy of concept formation. "How human beings create the ideas of abstract objects" is a traditional question since Plato and Aristotle, and this was a main topic of the 17th century philosophy. This includes the problems of abstraction, imagination and concepts. In this context, I am also interested in the philosophy of cognitive science.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2012
Associate Professor, University of Toyama, Faculty of Humanities


Nov 2011
Université Paris-Sorbonne

Published Papers

IKEDA Shinji
Studia Leibnitiana Japonica   (5)    Nov 2018   [Refereed]
IKEDA Shinji
Risou   (699) 70-85   Sep 2017   [Invited]
Leibniz on Boundaries and its Modalities
IKEDA Shinji
Natur und Subjekt: Akten des IX. Internationalen Leibniz-Kongresses   494-503   Sep 2011   [Refereed]


Leibniz from the Perspective of Modern Science
IKEDA Shinji, INAOKA Hiroyuki, ABE Kosuke
Studia Leibnitiana Japonica   (4) 71-97   Nov 2016

Books etc

The Possibilities of Atomism
IKEDA Shinji (Part:Contributor, Leibniz and Atomism: From Atom to Monad)
Hosei University Press   Nov 2018   ISBN:9784588150968
Descartes' Mathematical & Physical Writings
IKEDA Shinji (Part:Joint Translation, Cogitationes Privatae, De Solidorum Elementis)
Hosei University Press   Feb 2018   
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Opera omnia II 1 Philosophische Briefe
Kiyoshi SAKAI, Yoshiaki SASAKI [coedit.] (Part:Single Translation, pp. 230-258)
May 2015   

Conference Activities & Talks

Leibniz and H. Weyl on the Concept of Coninuum [Invited]
IKEDA Shinji
21 Nov 2017   
IKEDA Shinji
Kyoto Philosophical Logic Workshop III   8 Sep 2017   Hitoshi Omori
Les compas cartésiens et l'esprit algébrique
IKEDA Shinji
Table ronde sur mathématique, physique et métaphysique chez Descartes   13 Sep 2016   
The Theory of Abstraction in the Late Leibniz [Invited]
IKEDA Shinji
Toyama International Conference: "Early Modern Philosophy and Intellectual History"   13 Feb 2016   University of Toyama, Faculty of Humanities
Mathesis Universalis and Quarrel of Universals à l'âge classique: Problem of Abstraction in Leibniz and Berkley [Invited]
IKEDA Shinji
27 Sep 2015