Shinya Miura

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Shinya Miura
National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention
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Shinya Miura
Journal of Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology   12(2) 98-107   Oct 2018   [Invited]
The research purpose is to promote of the return of research results on the natural disaster risk study to local communities. Establish a database which will provide a web service for local natural disaster-risk management practices. Research find...
Miura Shinya, Sano Hiroaki, Handa Nobuyuki, Yi Tai-Young, Taguchi Hitoshi, Usuda Yuichiro
JOURNAL OF DISASTER RESEARCH   13(1) 177-192   Feb 2018   [Refereed]
Many researchers have highlighted the necessity of disaster prevention countermeasures based on regional characteristics. However, in situations wherein disaster prevention measures are executed, often, no index (data) objectively indicates the ri...
Toshinari Nagasaka, Hiroaki Tsubokawa, Yuichiro Usuda, Shingo Nagamatsu, Shinya Miura, and Saburo Ikeda
JOURANAL OF DISASTER RESEARCH   3(6) 442-456   Dec 2008   [Refereed]
The capability of resident-led responses to disasters has declined in recent years due to rapid changes in social and urban structures in Japan. In order to improve regional disaster prevention capabilities with regard to disaster risk, which incl...


佐野浩彬, 三浦伸也, 半田信之, 李泰榮, 田口仁, 臼田裕一郎
日本災害情報学会学会大会予稿集   19th 108‐109   Oct 2017
三浦伸也, 坪川博彰
日本災害情報学会学会大会予稿集   19th 278‐279   Oct 2017
三浦伸也, 佐野浩彬, 半田信之, 田口仁, 臼田裕一郎
横幹連合コンファレンス(CD-ROM)   7th ROMBUNNO.A‐3‐3   Nov 2016
三浦伸也, 佐野浩彬, 半田信之, 田口仁, 臼田裕一郎
日本災害情報学会研究発表大会予稿集   18th 66‐67   2016
三浦伸也, 田口仁, 半田信之, 佐野浩彬, 臼田裕一郎
日本災害情報学会研究発表大会予稿集   17th 122-123   2015
三浦伸也, 長坂俊成, 坪川博彰, 臼田裕一郎, 須永洋平, 田口仁
日本リスク研究学会年次大会講演論文集   22nd 263-266   Nov 2009
坪川博彰, 三浦伸也, 長坂俊成, 永松伸吾, 池田三郎
主要災害調査   (42) 53-67   Mar 2009
長坂俊成, 坪川博彰, 永松伸吾, 臼田裕一郎, 三浦伸也, 池田三郎
主要災害調査   (42) 1-7   Mar 2009
三浦伸也, 坪川博彰, 長坂俊成, 永松伸吾, 池田三郎
日本リスク研究学会年次大会講演論文集   21st 311-316   Nov 2008
長坂俊成, 臼田裕一郎, 永松伸吾, 三浦伸也, 坪川博彰, 池田三郎
日本リスク研究学会年次大会講演論文集   21st 305-310   Nov 2008
坪川博彰, 長坂俊成, 池田三郎, 三浦伸也
日本リスク研究学会研究発表会講演論文集   20th 359-364   Nov 2007
NAGAMATSU Shingo, TSUBOKAWA Hiroaki, NAGASAKA Toshinari, MIURA Shinya, IKEDA Saburo
地域安全学会梗概集   (21) 23-28   2007
This paper introduces the 'Lunch box project' in which the food for disaster refugees are produced by local affected restaurants. The project was primarily born in Ojiya city of 2004 Mid Niigata earthquake, and succeeded by Kashiwazaki city with s...
増田和順, 小林隆生, 三浦伸也, 臼田裕一郎, 長坂俊成
日本リスク研究学会研究発表会講演論文集   19th 519-522   Nov 2006
日本社会情報学会(JSIS&JASI)合同研究大会研究発表論文集   2006 75-78   Sep 2006

Books etc

To See Once More the Stars, Living in a Post-Fukushima World
Shinya Miura (Part:Joint Work, ARCHIVES Archives of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and the Future of Japan)
Pacific press   2014   ISBN:0971254664