Shuhei Nakamura

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Shuhei Nakamura
Osaka University
Job title
Assistant Professor

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2016
Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics, Graduate School of Medicine,, Osaka University
Nov 2015
Mar 2016
postdoc, Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing
Nov 2013
Oct 2015
International Incoming Fellowships (IIF) - Marie Curie Actions, Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing
Nov 2011
Oct 2013
JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research Abroad, Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing


Mar 2008
Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University

Awards & Honors

CECAD Career-Promoting Grant for Senior Postdoctoral Scientists, DFG
Sep 2015
Molecular Basis of Aging and Disease, Poster Award (1st place) and Fellowship, COLD SPRING HARBOR ASIA CONFERENCES
Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship, EU
特別研究員(DC1), 日本学術振興会

Published Papers

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[Germline stem cells and sex differentiation in medaka (Oryzias latipes)].
Nakamura S, Kobayashi K, Nishimura T, Tanaka M
Seikagaku. The Journal of Japanese Biochemical Society   83 627-632   Jul 2011   [Refereed]
Ovarian germline stem cells in the teleost fish, medaka (Oryzias latipes).
Nakamura S, Kobayashi K, Nishimura T, Tanaka M
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日本生化学会大会・日本分子生物学会年会合同大会講演要旨集   88回・38回 [4T特-11(3P1187)]   Dec 2015
83(7) 627-632   Jul 2011
中村修平, 小林佳代, 西村俊哉, 田中実
細胞工学   29(7) 664-669   Jun 2010

Research Grants & Projects

Project Year: Oct 2017 - Mar 2021    Investigator(s): Shuhei Nakamura
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(若手研究(B))
Project Year: 2009 - 2010    Investigator(s): Shuhei NAKAMURA
There is no direct evidence that germline stem cells and their niche are present in the vertebrate adult ovary. We identified the testis cord-like network structure, termed 'ovarian cords', which is composed of sox9b-expressing cells and germ cell...