Kiyohiko Sugiyama

Kiyohiko Sugiyama

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Kiyohiko Sugiyama
The University of Tokyo
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Published Papers

Research on Contemporary Qing Imperial History: The Situation and Outlook in Japan
Kiyohiko Sugiyama
Asian Research Trends New Series   (9) 1-46   Dec 2014   [Invited]
The Ch‘ing Empire as a Manchu Khanate: The Structure of Rule under the Eight Banners
Kiyohiko Sugiyama
ACTA ASIATICA   (88) 21-48   Jan 2005   [Refereed][Invited]


Sugiyama Kiyohiko
Journal of Asian cultures   10 347-372   Mar 2008
承志, 杉山 清彦
Journal of Manchu and Qing studies. Manzokushi kenkyu   (5) 55-84   Sep 2006

Conference Activities & Talks

The Qing Empire as a Central Eurasian State: From the Manchu Khanate to the Early-modern Eurasian Empire [Invited]
Kiyohiko Sugiyama
Global History Workshop: “Globalization from East Asian Perspectives”   15 Mar 2016   
A Chinese dynasty or a Manchu khanate? : The Qing (Ch‘ing) Empire and its military forces [Invited]
Kiyohiko Sugiyama
International conference“Life-world – Economy of Violence – Instrument of Governance: What was ‘the Military’ in the Early Modern Period?”   14 Mar 2013   
The Qing Empire in Its Central Eurasian Context: The Eight Banner System as a Governmental Structure [Invited]
Kiyohiko Sugiyama
北海道大学スラブ研究センター2007年度冬期国際シンポジウム「アジア・ロシア:地域的・国際的文脈の中の帝国権力」   5 Dec 2007   
The Structure of Qing Imperial Rule as Seen from the Eight Banners: From the Studies of Manchu-Qing Imperial History in Japan
Kiyohiko Sugiyama
The Second COE-ARI Joint Workshop“Dynamic Rimlands and Open Heartlands: Maritime Asia as a Site of Interactions”   28 Oct 2006