April 15, 2012

We are going to organize a RIMS Workshop:

Title:  Geometry of solutions of partial differential equations
Period:From the afternoon of November 7 (Wednesday)
              to the morning of November 9 (Friday) , 2012
Place:Room 420 at RIMS
Organizers:Shigeru Sakaguchi (Tohoku University)
                     Tatsuki Kawakami (Osaka Prefecture University)

Prof. Antoine Henrot (Nancy Universite) will give a talk.

                    September 9th, 2012

All the speakers of the  RIMS Workshop have been determined.

< The list of speakers where the titles are omitted >
Paul A. Binding ( University of Calgary )
Antoine Henrot( Nancy Universite )
Masaru Ikehata ( Gunma University )
Toru Kan ( Tohoku University )
Miyuki Koiso ( Kyushu University )
Kazuhiro Kurata ( Tokyo Metropolitan University )
Yasuhito Miyamoto ( Keio University )
Kazushige Nakagawa ( Tohoku University )
Michiaki Onodera ( Tohoku University )
Paolo Salani ( Universit¥`a di Firenze )

This workshop consists of 10 talks, that is, 3 talks on the afternoon of the first day, 5 talks on the second day, and 2 talks on the morning of the last day. The program is coming soon.

                                                                                    September 25th, 2012

Here is the program of the RIMS Workshop titled "Geometry of solutions of partial differential equations":