Aoba-yama PDE Seminar

                                                                                                                               January 23rd, 2018

We are going to organize a workshop:

Title: 15th Aoba-yama PDE Seminar “PDEs and Inverse Problems”
Period: From 10:30 a.m. to 17:30 p.m. on February 22nd (Thursday), 2018
Place:  Large lecture room on 2F in Graduate School of Information Sciences (GSIS)
Program(with abstracts: Aoba15.pdf):

10:30--12:00  Rolando Magnanini (Universit¥`a di Firenze)
            Alexandrov, Serrin, Weinberger, Reilly: Symmetry and stability by integral identities

13:30--14:20 Yong-Gwan Ji  (Inha University)
            A characterization of ellipsoid and the Newtonian potential with polynomial density

14:30--15:20 Xiaofei Li (Inha University)
           The polarization tensor associated with an imperfect interface and construction of weakly neutral inclusions

15:40〜16:30 Diego Berti  (Universit¥`a di Firenze)
           Short-time behaviour for game-theoretic p-caloric functions

16:40〜17:30 Lorenzo Cavallina (Tohoku University)
           On the shape of a two-phase heat conductor satisfying the constant flow property at the boundary

Organizers: Reika Fukuizumi, Shigeru Sakaguchi, and Igor Trushin
             (Research Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics, GSIS, Tohoku University)

This workshop is supported by the following:
(1)Thematic Program ``Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations for Future Applications" of Tohoku Forum for Creativity
(2) JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) ($¥sharp$ 26287020) ``Geometry of solutions of partial differential equations and the inverse problems accompanied by it''

The past Aoba-yama PDE Seminars:

14th Aoba-yama PDE Seminar ``Solutions to parabolic equations via Lyapunov functionals", March 3rd 2016 Aoba14.pdf
13th Aoba-yama PDE Seminar “A detailed explanation on the scattering problems for the L^2-critical nonlinear Schr¥"odinger equation”, September 9th - 11th 2015 Aoba13.pdf
12th Aoba-yama PDE Seminar “Nonlinear dispersive equations”, June 30th and July 2nd 2015 Aoba12.pdf
11th Aoba-yama PDE Seminar  “Recent progresses in the spectral analysis of graphs”, September 8th - 9th 2014 Aoba11.pdf
10th Aoba-yama PDE Seminar  “Applications of variational methods”, March 10th 2014 Aoba10.pdf
9th Aoba-yama PDE Seminar “Semiclassical approximation: theory and numerical calculus”, April 19th 2013 Aoba9.pdf
8th Aoba-yama PDE Seminar “Mathematical physics and analysis”, March 25th 2013 Aoba8.pdf
7th Aoba-yama PDE Seminar “ Nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations”, February 7th 2013 Aoba7.pdf

The Aoba-yama PDE Seminar was started by Professor Hideo Kubo (Hokkaido University) while he was a professor at Tohoku University. For convenience, we attach the following programs  of  past Aoba-yama PDE Seminars organized mainly by him:

6th Aoba-yama PDE Seminar “ Inverse and inverse scattering problems”, December 8th - 9th 2010 aoba6.pdf
5th Aoba-yama PDE Seminar “Equations of fluid dynamics”, June 11th - 12th 2010 aoba5.pdf
4th Aoba-yama PDE Seminar “Dispersive and hyperbolic equations with variable coefficients”, May 28th 2010 aoba4.pdf
3rd Aoba-yama PDE Seminar, November 17th 2009 aoba3.pdf
2nd Aoba-yama PDE Seminar “Regularity of solutions of dispersive equations”, August 4th 2009 aoba2.pdf
1st Aoba-yama PDE Seminar “Dispersive equations”, March 9th 2009 aoba1.pdf