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University of Tsukuba
Job title
Professor by special appointment
Doctor of Engineering


Dr. Itahashi graduated from Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. He has been engaged in the research of speech analysis, speech recognition, natural language processing and image processing. Recently, he has been involved in creation and promotion of speech corpora.

Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 2005
Professor by special appointment, Natioal Institute of Informatics
Apr 2005
Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba
Oct 2004
Invited Researcher, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Apr 2004
Mar 2005
Professor, Dept. Sytems & Inform. Eng., University of Tsukuba
Apr 1987
Mar 2004
Professor, Inst. Inform. Sci. & Electronics, University of Tsukuba

Awards & Honors

May 2012
Achievement Award, The Acoustical Society of Japan
May 2012
Antonio Zampolli Prize, European Language Resources Association
Winner: Oriental COCOSDA
Sep 2002
Fellow, The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers

Books etc

Computer Processing of Asian Spoken Languages
Shuichi ITAHASHI and Chiu-yu Tseng (Part:Joint Editor)
Consideration Books c/o The Americas Group   Mar 2010   ISBN:978-0-935047-72-1
Prosody and Speech Processing
Maruzen Pub.   Jan 2006   
Speech Technology
Shuichi ITAHASHI (Part:Joint Work)
Feb 2005   
Spoken Language Systems
S. Nakagawa, M. Okada, T. Kawahara (Part:Contributor, Chapter 8: Spoken language resources)
Ohmsha/IOS Press   2005   
Recent Research Towards Advanced Man-Machine Interface Through Spoken Language
Hiroya Fujisaki (Part:Contributor, Chapter 10: Considerations on a common speech database)
Elsevier   1996   

Conference Activities & Talks

Extending search system based on interactive visualization for speech corpora
Tomoko Ohsuga, Y. Ishimoto, T. Kajiyama, S. Kozawa, K. Uchimoto, S. Itahashi
LREC 2018   May 2018   
Sound synthesis system based on sinusoid superposition with application to multilingual vowel synthesis
Shuichi ITAHASHI, Hiroaki Kojima
Oriental COCOSDA 2012   2012   
Interactive Visualization and Search System for Speech Corpora
S. Itahashi, T. Kajiyama, K. Yamakawa, Y. Ishimoto, T. Matsui
Oriental COCOSDA 2011   Oct 2011   
An Automatic Determination of the Standard Chinese Prosodic Phrase Boundaries by F0 Generation Model
Shehui Bu, Zhenjie Zhuo, Lingling Yang, S. Itahashi
Interspeecch 2011   Aug 2011   
A proposal for standardizing catalogue specifications of speech corpora
S. Itahashi, K. Yamakawa, T. Matsui, Y. Ishimoto
Oriental COCOSDA 2010   Nov 2010   

Published Papers

Frantz Clermont, Shuichi ITAHASHI
Journal of the Acoustical Society of Japan (E)   21(4) 221-223   Jul 2000   [Refereed]
S. Itahashi
Journal of the Acoustical Society of Japan (E)   20(3) 163-169   May 1999   [Refereed]
S. Itahashi
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IEEE Trans. on Audio and Electroacoustics   AU-21(3) 239-249   Jun 1973   [Refereed]
A consideration on segmentation of spoken words
Shuichi ITAHASHI, Shozo Makino, Ken'iti Kido
Journal of the Axoustical Society of Japan   26(7) 310-311   Jul 1970   [Refereed]