Shiaki Kondo

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Shiaki Kondo
Hokkaido University
Center for Ainu & Indigenous Studies

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2016
Assistant Professor, Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies, Hokkaido University

Published Papers

Kondo Shiaki
Journal for the Integrated Study of Dietary Habits   29(1) 5-9   2018   [Invited]
<p> Indigenous communities throughout Interior Alaska have actively engaged in various activities aimed to revitalize their traditional subsistence activities and food cultures. These are sometimes called "culture camp." This paper briefly discuss...
近藤 祉秋
寒地技術論文・報告集 寒地技術シンポジウム   33 18-23   2017
Kondo Shiaki
Japanese journal of cultural anthropology   79(1) 48-60   Jun 2014   [Refereed]
This paper is an attempt to figure out why elders used to take care of migratory songbirds left behind in a small Alaskan Athabascan community. The practice of keeping wild birds has been reported in some Athabascan groups, but the prior studies d...
現代民俗学研究   (6) 25-38   Mar 2014   [Invited]


近藤 祉秋
早稲田大学文学学術院文化人類学年報   10 13-19   Dec 2015
近藤 祉秋
早稲田大学文学学術院文化人類学年報   9 37-48   Dec 2014
[Book Review] Barbara R. Ambros, Bones of Contention: Animals and Religion in Contemporary Japan
Shiaki Kondo
Asian Ethnology   72(1) 165-167   2013

Conference Activities & Talks

On Athabascan Vision for Provisions: Culture Camp and Education for Food Security in Interior Alaska
Shiaki Kondo
12th Conference on Hunting & Gathering Societies   26 Jul 2018   
Daggers and the Change in Value of Copper: An Analysis of Northern Athabascan Culture from the 18th to 20th Century
Hiroya Noguchi, Shiaki Kondo
5h International Symposium for Arctic Research   16 Jan 2018   
Knowing Salmon: Toward a Collaboration between Anthropology and Conservation Ecology
Shiaki Kondo
5h International Symposium for Arctic Research   16 Jan 2018   
Multi-Keystone-Species Ethnography: Anthropocene and Salmon-Human Entanglements in Alaska
Shiaki Kondo
International Symposium on Environment, Development and International Relations in the Arctic   12 Dec 2017   
Culture Camps: Regional Cooperation for Indigenous Education
Shiaki Kondo
8th Pacific Rim Conference on Education   4 Nov 2017   

Research Grants & Projects

Ethnographic Research on Social Change and Native Alaskan Spirituality in the Upper Kuskokwim Region of Alaska
National Science Foundation: Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant
Project Year: Sep 2015 - Aug 2017    Investigator(s): PI: David Koester; Co-PI: Shiaki Kondo