Sunao Kurimura

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Sunao Kurimura
National Institute for Materials Science
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Yoshimura M., Nonaka A., Sugaya T., Hirano T., Kikuchi K., Sugiura K., Kurimura S., Nakajima H.
Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan   65(2)    Aug 2010
Kou(Takahashi) Rai(Rai), Okubo Toru, Kurimura Sunao, Nakajima Hirochika, Kondou Katsutoshi, Ichikawa Junichiro
Proceedings of the Society Conference of IEICE   2008(2)    Sep 2008
Japanese journal of optics   36(5) 232-240   May 2007
USUI Yusuke, OKUBO Toru, NAKAJIMA Hirochika, KURIMURA Sunao, MOTOYA Masayuki, YAMAMOTO Futoshi, ICHIKAWA Junichiro
IEICE technical report   105(667) 39-42   Mar 2006
Efficient wavelength converter was demonstrated in low-loss adhered ridge waveguide fabricated by dry etching in periodically poled Mg: LiNbO_3. We obtained highest SHG efficiency of 4500%/W in telecom band for 32mm interaction length. Using this ...
OIKAWA Satoshi, YAMAMOTO Futoshi, ICHIKAWA Junichiro, KURIMURA Sunao
IEICE technical report. Microwaves   105(181) 19-23   Jul 2005
We investigate a Z-cut LiNbO_3 optical modulator with a very small chirp parameter using ferroelectric polarization reversal and branch electrodes. The fabricated modulator showed very small chirping and preferable 40Gbps eye-opening.