Toshiko Ibe

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Toshiko Ibe
St. Luke's International University
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Graduate School, Doctoral Program in Nursing Science, St. Luke's College of Nursing

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(40) 99-104   Mar 2014
Nurse managers must possess problem-solving abilities so that they can deal with the complex situations that arise in nursing practice. However, there is little literature related to effective education methods designed to improve these abilities....
HASHIMOTO Michio, IKEGAMI Naoki, IBE Toshiko, MAEDA Shoichi, TSUBAKI Hiroe
50(3) 229-245   Jul 2013
17(1) 27-34   Jul 2013
Purpose:The purpose of this study was to describe required nursing competencies for new baccalaureate nursinggraduates from the experienced nurse's viewpoint.Method:This qualitative study was an inductive approach using data from semi-structured i...
(38) 44-51   Mar 2012
〔Abstract〕 “Health care delivery system Ⅱ” is one course which constitutes “the foundations of nursing” among thespecial courses in the curriculum of St. Luke’s College of Nursing. The purpose of a course is: “Studentsselect a specific theme based...
(38) 63-70   Mar 2012
〔Abstract〕 Japanese Nursing Association (JNA) started a credentialing system for nurse administrators in 1992. Nurseswho have completed a prescribed educational program and passed an examination become certified nurseadministrators (CNAs). This sy...
(38) 1-9   Mar 2012
〔Abstract〕 With the rapid increase of the number of nursing universities in Japan, the importance of evaluating thelevel of practical nursing ability required by graduation is increasing. Therefore, it is of urgent importance to develop a common a...
(38) 34-38   Mar 2012
〔Abstract〕 Since April 2011, a month after the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake, the Research Center for theDevelopment of Nursing Practice at St. Luke’s College of Nursing (SLCN) in Tokyo has been involved in the“Hopes and Connections Project...
15(2) 16-25   Jul 2011
The Purpose of this study was to examine the reliability and validity of the Management Index for NursesRevised Edition(MaINr), a research based management index, which was developed in 2006 for nurse managers toevaluate their own practice. The st...
IBE Toshiko, KONDO Katsunori
48(2) 95-105   Apr 2011
14(2) 18-28   Aug 2010
The rapid development of medical sciences and the progressive aging of society have led to increased expectationsfor qualified nursing care. In addition, in Japan, the number of nursing colleges and universities is rapidlyincreasing, and will soon...
OKU Hiromi, IBE Toshiko, YANAI Haruo, ISHIZAKI Tamiko, UEDA Aya, OHTA Kayo, OYAMADA Kyoko, KITAURA Akiko, TAKABATAKE Yuriko
Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science   30(2) 32-43   Jun 2010
14(1) 17-25   Mar 2010
【Purpose】 In order to explore the clinical practice which bridges the gap between theory and practice of senior nursing student, comprehensive clinical practice called ‘team challenge’ was performed. The purpose of this study is to analyze the con...
14(1) 34-42   Mar 2010
【Introduction】 In the backdrop of a shortening in the number of days patients are hospitalized and a sophistication in medical care, nurses will be required to exhibit a greater level of competency in putting their nursing abilities into practice....
13(2) 63-70   Jul 2009
Working with a college of nursing and its general hospital training site, the authors studied the practical trainingand associated learning methods meant to assist students’ smooth transition into professional status. The trialbridge-program for p...
13(1) 24-33   Mar 2009
Aim:The rising number of hospitalized patients requiring advanced specialized medical treatment, combined with ashortening admittance period, requires nurses to have increasingly advanced practical clinical skills. Current facilitiesfor basic nurs...
12(2) 50-57   Jul 2008
Introduction: Although safety and advanced nursing practices and skills are emphasized in recent years, there is agap between nursing skills possessed by new graduates and skills that are sought after. In this research, a trainingprogram with whic...
12(2) 41-49   Jul 2008
In 2004, our university set up the Committee on Training Methods in Basic Nursing Education in collaboration with medicalinstitutions, and since then, we have investigated training methods that facilitate work adjustment for novice nurses.We creat...

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