S. Mori

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S. Mori
Kindai University
Faculty of Medicine

Research Interests


Research Areas


Published Papers

Expression of erythropoietin in human female reproductive organs
IT. J. Anat. Embryol.   106(Suppl) 215-222   Jun 2001
Clin Orthop Rel Research   436 172-176   Jul 2005

Conference Activities & Talks

A case of intraoperative thrombogenesis for Total knee replacement.
Feb 2003   
Sports Injuries in College Football
Jul 2004   
Change of coagulation and fiblysis inspection value in operation of substitution artificial knee joint orthopedics department
Oct 2004   
Assessment of perioperative fresh thrombogenesis in total knee replacement by peripheral vessels ultrasonography
May 2005   
A new anteroposterior axis of the tibia for total knee replacement
The 16th Japanese-Korean Combined Orthopaedic Symposium   Jul 2005   The 16th Japanese-Korean Combined Orthopaedic Symposium