Sadafumi Nakatake

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Sadafumi Nakatake

Published Papers

Sadafumi Nakatake
Journal of the Japan Society for Intellectual Production   10(1) 51-57   Jan 2014   [Invited]
A lot of writing, discussion has been done already about the history of university-industry cooperation in Japan.. This paper, however, deals not with the history but with notions and results derived from the actual practices of the coordinator ta...
Sadafumi Nakatake
10 49-67   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Currently, we are observing a new phenomenon where the younger generation are now more actively
involved in local events and volunteer work, so-called social business, than before. Here we focus on social
business internships, one branch of soci...

Conference Activities & Talks

Programs for Japanese Universities’ Activities to Contribute to Regions ~ From an Actual Case in Kagoshima [Invited]
Sadafumi Nakatake
15 Nov 2013