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Apr, 2017 - Mar, 2020

Microsoft Kinect V2 as an alternative grading system for facial paralysis

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B)
  • Yohei Sotsuka

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3,250,000 Japanese Yen
(Direct funding)
2,500,000 Japanese Yen
(Indirect funding)
750,000 Japanese Yen

Grading systems for evaluating facial movements in facial paralysis can be classified into traditional and computer-based grading systems. Traditional systems are subjective systems, and the results can only be approximate. Computer-based grading systems provided quantitative repeatable results, they required significant time for manually using software and required high cost which limited their widespread clinical use. Recently, three-dimensional depth cameras in commercial gaming systems have been common, and reduced their cost. This study presents the results of using Microsoft Kinect V2 sensor for grading facial paralysis.
The facial grading system software was implemented using Kinect for windows SDK 2.0. The software program was written by the author in Visual C#.
For facial paralysis patient with synkinesis, after the botulinum toxin injections, the synkinetic eye closure movements improved both clinically and also in our facial grading system software.

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  • Grant number : 17K17039