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At present rivers, lakes, water reservoirs have been seriously polluted and eutrophicated by discharges of various organics, specific chemicals as well as nutrients from industries, agriculture and domestic wastewater, resulting in difficulties in their sustainable utilization. Especially, burst proliferation of toxic water blooms caused cyanobacteria in the enclosed water bodies has been a serious problem leading to deterioration of aquatic ecosystems and water quality.
Our research aim is making safety and reassurance water for drinking and industries. In order to get the water, we need much information about the nuisance metabolites, toxin and musty odor by cyanobacteria and/or actinomycete, including recalsitant chemical substances, organics in water reservoir and lake. Furthermore developing novel and improving water treatment technology are very important. Especially, we focus on toxin, such as microcystin (Fig. 1) produced by cyanobacteria and musty odor, such as geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol (2-MIB) (Fig. 2) produced by cyanobacteria and actinomycete because of their degradation and removal difficulties.
To date, our laboratory is challenging to clarify the appearance mechanism of causative nuisance microorganisms and genetic characteristics of microcystin analogs in isolated Microcystis sp., and elucidate the mechanism of microcystin degradation by our isolated microcystin-degrading bacterium. Moreover, to improve the deteriorated water quality by advanced water treatment technology for water supply and waste water leading to reduce CO2 emission from water treatment plant.
Our researches are published many articles and registered some patents under high activity with Japanese and foreign students

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Published Papers

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