Yoshinori Shirakata

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Yoshinori Shirakata
Kagoshima University
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Jul 2011
Jul 2012
Research fellow, Department of periodontology, Dental School University of Bern, switzerland

Awards & Honors

Nov 2016
The Best Poster Award, 2nd International SymposiumRegeneration and Esthetics in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry

Published Papers

Split-mouth evaluation of connective tissue graft with or without enamel matrix derivative for the treatment of isolated gingival recession defects in dogs
Yoshinori Shirakata, Toshiaki Nakamura, Yukiya Shinohara, Kozue Nakamura-Hasegawa, Chikoto Hashiguchi, Naoshi Takeuchi, Takatomo Imafuji, Anton Sculean, Kazuyuki Noguchi
Clinical Oral Investig      Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Efficacy of flapless intentional replantation with enamel matrix derivative in the treatment of hopeless teeth associated with endodontic-periodontal lesions: A 2-year prospective case series
Hiroyuki Saida, Shunsuke Fukuba, Richard J. Miron, Yoshinori Shirakata
Quintessence International   49(9) 699-707   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Richard J Miron, Masako Fujioka-Kobayashi, Yufeng Zhang, Jordi Caballe-Serrano, Yoshinori Shirakata, Dieter D. Bosshardt, Daniel Buser, Anton Sculean
Clin Oral Implants Res   28(3) 327-333   2017   [Refereed]
Osteogenic potential of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-9/absorbable collagen sponge (rhBMP-9/ACS) in rat critical size calvarial defects
Toshiaki Nakamura, Yoshinori Shirakata,Yukiya Shinohara, Richard J. Miron, Kirara Furue, Kazuyuki Noguchi
Clinical Oral Investigations   21(5) 1659-1665   2017   [Refereed]
Osteogain loaded onto an Absorbable Collagen Sponge Induces Attachment and Osteoblast Differentiation of ST2 cells in vitro
Richard J Miron, Masako Fujioka-Kobayashi, Yufeng Zhang, Anton Sculean, Benjamin Pippenger, Yoshinori Shirakata, Umadevi Kandalam, Maria Hernandez
Clinical Oral Investigations   21(7) 2265-2272   2017   [Refereed]


野口和行, 野口和行, 中村利明, 白方良典
日本歯科保存学雑誌   57(6) 477-483   Dec 2014
Shirakata Yoshinori, Yamamoto Yoshitake, Noguchi Kazuyuki
Tooth displacement occurring at a high prevalence in patients with severe periodontitis is defined as pathologic tooth migration (PTM). For these patients, the malposition of the teeth not only creates unfavorable conditions for maintaining good o...
白方良典, 野口和行
月刊糖尿病   6(5) 21-29   Jun 2014
中村利明, 白方良典, 篠原敬哉, 谷山勝義, 迫田賢二, 吉元剛彦, 野口和行
日本歯周病学会学術大会プログラムおよび講演抄録集   56th 109   Sep 2013
白方良典, 山本芳丈, 野口和行
日本歯周病学会学術大会プログラムおよび講演抄録集   56th 131   Sep 2013

Books etc

Richard J. Miron, Yoshinori Shirakata, Yufeng Zhang, Benjamin Pippenger, Toshiaki Nakamura, Kazuyuki Noguchi, Anton Sculean
Jan 2019   
Diagnosis and treatment of furcation0involved teeth
Nikolaos Donos, Iro Palaska, Elena Calciolari, Yoshinori Shirakata, Anton Sculean (Part:Joint Work, Chapter 6: Regenerative therapy of furcation involvements in preclinical models: What is feasible ?)
John Wiley & Sons Ltd,   Aug 2018   

Conference Activities & Talks

Healing of gingival recessions treated with coronally advanced flaps and subepithelial connective tissue grafts with or without an enamel matrix derivative: A comparative study in dogs.
Yoshinori Shirakata
Europerio9   22 Jun 2018   
A comparative study of the effects of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 and -9 on bone formation in rat calvarial critical size defects
Toshiaki Nakamura,Yoshinori Shirakata, Yukiya Shinohara, Richard J Miron, Kozue Nakamura-Hasegawa,Kazuyuki Noguchi
Osteology Japan   4 Jun 2017   
Healing of two-wall intrabony defects following treatment with a novel enamel matrix derivative formulation (Osteogain). A preclinical study in non-human primates
Yoshinori Shirakata, Toshiaki Nakamura, Richard J. Miron, Yukiya Shinohara, Kotaro Sena, Kazuyuki Noguchi, Anton Sculean
2nd International Symposium Regeneration and Esthetics in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry   18 Nov 2016   
Novel biologic agents combined with biomaterials for periodontal wound healing/regeneration [Invited]
Yoshinori Shirakata
The 3rd bone &t issue days World Congress   10 Sep 2016   
Regenerative effect of Osteogain in class Ⅲ furcations
Yoshinori Shirakata, Richard J. Miron, Toshiaki Nakamura, Kotaro Sena, Yukiya Shinohara, Dieter D. Bosshardt, Kazuyuki Noguchi, Anton Sculean
The 46th Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Periodontology   1 Sep 2016   

Research Grants & Projects

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(若手研究(B))
Project Year: 2008 - 2009    Investigator(s): Yoshinori SHIRAKATA
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of a novel bone swaging (BS) approach combined with injectable calcium phosphate bone cement (CPC) on periodontal healing in 1-wall intrabony defects in dogs. 1-wall intrabony defects were su...