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Arai Takashi, Hishiki Chitose
The Japanese journal of psychology   90(3) 263-273   Aug 2019   [Refereed]
Despite having positive attitudes about crime prevention behaviors, many people do not engage in actions to prevent crime. In this study, therefore, we tried to explain the gap between attitudes and behaviors from the perspective of the Theory of ...
Kanemasa Yuji, Arai Takashi, Shimada Takahito, Ishida Hitoshi, Yamamoto Isao
The Japanese journal of psychology   89(2) 160-170   Jun 2018   [Refereed]
This study aimed to reveal the risk factors for a person to perpetrate stalking-like behaviors following the end of a romantic relationship based on personality traits (attachment anxiety and narcissism), the characteristics of a romantic relation...
Yanagida Munetaka, Arai Takashi, Fuji Kei
The Japanese journal of psychology   89(1) 1-11   2018   [Refereed]
Many empirical studies have indicated a possible relationship between psychopathic traits and immoral behaviors. Conversely, some studies suggest that social support from a person's family moderates this relationship. This study examined the moder...
Shimada Takahito, Arai Takashi
The Japanese journal of psychology   88(3) 230-240   2017   [Refereed]
<p>A field experiment was conducted to examine the factors in threat appeal responsible for maintenance of crime-prevention behavior. At four public bicycle parking lots, 256 riders with variable receiver vulnerability characteristics were encoura...
Arai Takashi
The Japanese Journal of Criminal Psychology   50(1) 15-25   2013   [Refereed]
This paper explores the relationships among reactions to crime, general trust, and optimistic view of criminal victimization through two surveys. A web-based survey of mothers (N=1040) with children aged 3–12 years and a paper-based questio...


Arai Takashi & Shimada Takahito
Bulletin of the Faculty of Psychology, Otemon Gakuin University   12 1-12   Mar 2018
大久保 智生, 細川 愛, 荒井 崇史
香川大学生涯学習教育研究センター研究報告   (22) 55-67   Mar 2017
荒井 崇史, 吉田 富二雄
Tsukuba psychological research   (40) 9-19   2010
Arai Takashi, Matsuyama Miki, Kodaka Aiko, Ishizaki Kazuki
東京成徳大学臨床心理学研究   3 63-71   2003

Books etc

Standard Social Psychology
Takashi Arai (Part:Contributor, Anxiety)
Dec 2012   ISBN:4781913105

Conference Activities & Talks

Society vs. Personality vs. Job: Resources and challenges.
16th European Congress of Psychology   Jul 2019   Russian Psychological Society
Prediction of Offenders’ Behaviors.
Watanabe, Kazumi., Okamoto, Hideo., Arai, Takashi., Yokota, kaeko., Mori, Takemi.
Asian Criminological Society 6th Annual Conference. Thematic Session.   Jun 2014   Asian Criminological Society