3 2017

Development of the faculty development mother map in nursing education

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[要旨] 本研究の目的は,看護学教育の特質を踏まえた,看護系大学教員に求められる能力を行動レベルで示した体系的な見取り図(FDマザーマップ)を開発し,これまで大学単位で行われてきた我が国の看護系大学におけるFDの企画・実施・評価に一定の方向性を提示することである.本研究は,看護学教育の現状を踏まえ,既存の資料や研究成果を収集し,これらを参照しながら,専門家会議メンバーによる検討によってFDマザーマップを開発する手法をとった.専門家会議には,高等教育の専門家である教育系委員6名,大学における看護学教育の専門家である看護系委員24名がメンバーとして参加した.専門家会議において,20の看護系大学教員に求められる能力が特定され,これらの能力は,〔基盤マップ〕〔教育マップ〕〔研究マップ〕〔社会貢献マップ〕〔運営マップ〕の5つのマップに配置された.FDの対象となる教員の能力レベルは,「レベルⅠ:知る」「レベルⅡ:自立してできる」「レベルⅢ:支援・指導、拡大できる」という3段階に区分され,これらの能力レベル区分ごとに,各能力の要素の到達度を表記し,FDマザーマップを完成させた.本マザーマップは,看護系大学が,自組織の実情に見合ったFDを,体系的,計画的に企画・実施・評価することを促進する可能性を持つものであることが示唆された.[Abstract] The Center for Education and Research in Nursing Practice has been working on a project to construct a mother map of faculty development (FD) in nursing education and to promote collaborative activities among nursing universities. We will develop a master plan of faculty development (called FD mother map) to keep pace with progress towards higher levels of professionalism and a more highly educated university-based student body. The purpose of this study was to develop the FD mother map in nursing education. Council of Experts was organized to accomplish the goal of the project. Members included 6 specialists of higher education and 24 faculties from nursing universities in Japan. Council of Experts identified competences required of nursing university faculty members, according to position, from education, research, nursing practice and management perspectives. Based on the identified competences, Council of Experts developed an appropriate FD mother map for nursing education. Council of Experts identified 20 factors of competences required of nursing university faculty. Those 20 factors were divided into 5 categories. Those were FUNDAMENTALS, EDUCATION, RESEARCH, SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION and ADMINISTRATION. Council of Experts also examined the 20 factors and found out that each of these competences had 3 different levels of mastery. The 3 different levels were primary, independent and advanced. The structural framework of the map was also decided based on the 5 categories and the 3 different levels of mastery. Developed guide book of FD mother map included not only the contents of competences but also the way of application. By utilizing the FD mother map as a master plan of faculty development, each nursing university would be able to assess their states of FD activities and to set the goal of FD planning easily.

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