Takashi MURAI

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Takashi MURAI
Hokkaido University
Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education

Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Jul 2016
GOOD PRESENTATION AWARD, Japanese Society for the Science of Design
Sep 2015

Published Papers

Development of Teaching Materials Utilizing VR Content for Science & Technology Communication
Takashi MURAI
   Mar 2019
Study on systematic classification of web design - From a viewpoint of taxonomy, the phylogenetic tree of web design history is attempted to be built -
Takashi MURAI
BULLETIN OF JSSD   (63) 292-293   Jun 2016
Development of Automatic Bio-toilet for Pets to Reduce Owners' Burden : Murakoshi-PT 2014 (Advanced Exercises: Innovation for Design and Engineering)
Takashi MURAI, Shunya FUKUTOMI, Akiyoshi MYOGADANI, Hongyin CUI, Toshiaki NATSUI, Junfu CHEN, Hideki MURAKOSHI
Bulletin of Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology   (9) 61-68   Dec 2015


翻訳 サイエンス・カフェ札幌がグッドデザイン賞を受賞した Science Cafe Sapporo was awarded the Good Design Award
Takashi MURAI
Hokkaido University Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, Newsletter   (104) 21-24   Feb 2016

Conference Activities & Talks

The local media made by WalkerPlus [Invited]
Takashi MURAI
reflets   28 Aug 2015   

Social Contribution

AIIT Branding Project Liaison Member
[Organizing Member]  Jun 2016 - Today
Good Design in Chi Ka Ho
[Organizing Member]  Hokkaido University CoSTEP  6 Mar 2016
Science Cafe Sapporo 87
[Organizing Member]  Hokkaido University CoSTEP  21 Feb 2016
Science Cafe Sapporo 86
[Organizing Member]  Hokkaido University CoSTEP  16 Jan 2016
Science Cafe Sapporo 85
[Organizing Member]  Hokkaido University CoSTEP  reflets  6 Dec 2015
Science Cafe Sapporo 84
[Organizing Member]  Hokkaido University CoSTEP  19 Nov 2015
Sapporo Design Week 2015, Chi Ka Ho Agricultural School - Learn will make the cell work Institute -
[Advisor, Planner]  Hokkaido University CoSTEP  reflets  25 Oct 2015
Science Cafe Sapporo 83
[Organizing Member]  Hokkaido University CoSTEP  27 Sep 2015
Science Cafe Sapporo 82
[Organizing Member]  Hokkaido University CoSTEP  6 Jun 2015