Taku Yukawa

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Taku Yukawa
Osaka University
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Published Papers

Why the pretense of pursuing democracy? The necessity and rationality of democratic slogans for civil revolutions
Taku Yukawa and Kaoru Hidaka
Asian Journal of Comparative Politics   4(3) 242-257   2019   [Refereed]
European Integration through the Eyes of ASEAN: Rethinking EU-centrism in Comparative Regionalism
Taku Yukawa
International Area Studies Review   21(4) 323-339   2018   [Refereed]
Why Election Monitoring Does Not Always Lead to Democratization: from the Perspective of Information on the International Standards of Electoral Integrity
Taku Yukawa
19(2) 293-312   2018   [Refereed]
The ASEAN Way as a Symbol: an Analysis of Discourses on the ASEAN Norms
Taku Yukawa
the Pacific Review   31(3) 298-314   2018   [Refereed]
Taku Yukawa, Iku Yoshimoto, Susumu Yamakage
Taku Yukawa, Iku Yoshimoto, Susumu Yamakage
Journal of Theoretical Politics   26(2) 177-196   2014   [Refereed]


Coups, Justification, and Democracy
Taku Yukawa, Kaori Kushima, and Kaoru Hidaka
OSIPP Discussion Paper,DP-2013-E-003      2019
Explaining the Undemocratic Consequences of Democratic Revolutions: The Necessity and Rationality of Democratic Slogans
Taku Yukawa
OSIPP Discussion Paper,DP-2018-E-007      2018
Book Review: Reinventing Regional Security Institutions in Asia and Africa: Power Shifts, Ideas, and Institutional Change
Taku Yukawa
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific   18(1) 128-131   2017
ASEAN Norms: Argument Yielding to Change
Taku Yukawa
Japan Digital Library (Japan and World Series)   154-166   2017
Social Networks and International Policy Diffusion: A Multi-Agent Simulation Analysis
Taku Yukawa
A Study on Dynamism of International Order with Application of the Multi-Agent Modeling, Working Paper Series No. 08      2011