Takahisa Gotoh

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Takahisa Gotoh
Chuo University
Research and Development Initiative

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Published Papers

Takahisa Gotoh, Shoji Fukuoka
E3S Web of Conferences   40    Sep 2018   [Refereed]
© The Authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2018. In the sandy Hii River, a large amount of sediment yield from upper river basin had brought developments of braided channels covered with sand waves. In the braided channels, sediment materials on th...
S. Kato, T. Gotoh, S. Fukuoka
River Sedimentation - Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on River Sedimentation, ISRS 2016   632-639   Jan 2017   [Refereed]
© 2017 Taylor & Francis Group, London. Alternate bars are formed in the main channel of the Kurobe River on the alluvial fan. Patterns of the alternate bars are controlled by the Aimoto ground sill which is directed slightly toward the right ban...
後藤岳久, 福岡捷二, 柴田亮
土木学会論文集 B1(水工学)(Web)   73(4) I_895‐I_900(J‐STAGE)-I_900   2017   [Refereed]
 In the Hii River with braided channels, developments and deformations of sand waves during a flood affect flood flows and sediment transports. The Hii River floodway has a settling pond at the river bifurcation point for reducing sediment di...
後藤岳久, 柴田亮, 山本浩之, 廣野太志, 福岡捷二
河川技術論文集   23 257‐262   2017   [Refereed]
廣野太志, 柴田亮, 福岡捷二, 後藤岳久
河川技術論文集   23 507‐512   2017   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

後藤岳久, 福岡捷二, 桶川勝功
土木学会年次学術講演会講演概要集(CD-ROM)   1 Aug 2017   
後藤岳久, 福岡捷二
土木学会年次学術講演会講演概要集(CD-ROM)   1 Aug 2016   
加藤翔吾, 越野正史, 後藤岳久, 福岡捷二
土木学会年次学術講演会講演概要集(CD-ROM)   1 Aug 2015   
後藤岳久, 福岡捷二, 舛田直樹
土木学会年次学術講演会講演概要集(CD-ROM)   1 Aug 2015   
後藤岳久, 福岡捷二, 桝谷有吾
土木学会年次学術講演会講演概要集(CD-ROM)   1 Aug 2012