Tadashi Mori

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Tadashi Mori
Aichi Gakuin University
Faculty of Policy Studies, Department of Policy Studies

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森 正
愛知学院大學政策科学研究所所報 政策科学   7 13-19   Mar 2016
森 正
公共選択 = Public choice studies   (58) 45-64   Oct 2012
森 正
Institute of Policy Science, Aichi Gakuin University, policy science review   1 15-22   Mar 2009
森 正
JPSA   11(2) 31-49   Mar 2009
Process of Political Reform in Japan: Design of New Electoral System
Tadashi Mori
Journal of the Center for International Studies   7 21-36   Mar 2008
MORI Tadashi
The toshi mondai (the municipal problems) : the journal of the Tokyo Institute for Municipal Research   92(10) 87-100   Oct 2001
MORI Tadashi
Japanese Journal of Electoral Studies   14 63-74   Feb 1999   [Refereed]
In this article I analyze the changing patterns of tension and cooperation among the opposition parties under the one-party dominant party system in the 1970s. During this period the LDP steadily lost votes providing the opposition parties with th...
MORI Tadashi
The Japanese Journal of Law and Political Science   32 105-117   May 1996
l.Introduction 2.Distribution Rules in European Coalition Governments 3.The Liberal Democratic Party as "Faction Coalition" 4.The Case of Japan: Interpretation by Simulation 5.Conclusion In coalition governments, political parties which have anoth...
Mori Tadashi
Proceedings of Keio University Graduate School of Law   36 239-262   Nov 1995


羅 一慶, 岩田 和男, 森 正
愛知学院大学政策科学研究所所報 政策科学   7 67-69   2016
森 正
愛知学院大學政策科学研究所所報政策科学   3 13-17   2012
岩田 和男, 杉山 知子, 森 正
愛知学院大學政策科学研究所所報政策科学   3 25-31   2012
Mori Tadashi
Hogaku kenkyu : journal of law, politics, and sociology   73(3) 123-130   Mar 2000

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Encyclopedia of contemporary sociology
Nov 2012   ISBN:9784335551482

Conference Activities & Talks

Process of Designing Japan’s New Electoral System
Tadashi Mori
5 Jul 2008   
A Constructivist Analysis of Electoral System Reform in Japan, 1988-1994
Tadashi Mori
1 Jun 2008   
Process of Reforming Electoral System: Case from Japan
Tadashi Mori
The Election Study Center of National Chengchi University International Symposium ‘Mixed Electoral System in East Asia’(at National Chengchi University, Taiwan)   26 May 2007   
A Relation between Civil Society and Politics in Japan: An Analysis of Voting Behavior under the “Koizumi Boom”
Tadashi Mori
22 Sep 2003