Okada Masashi

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Okada Masashi
Osaka University

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OKADA Masashi
The southeast asian studies   50(2) 314-317   Jan 2013
The Trade in Vietnamese Cinnamon and the Circulation of Herbs in Japan during from the 17th to the 19th Centuries
Okada Masashi
Osaka University Research Project of History Education Working Paper Series   8 240-246   Dec 2012
Okada Masashi
The southeast asian studies   50(1) 3-38   Jul 2012
Tai muong (muang) societies in the valleys of Northwestern Vietnam provided sources ofinformation which allowed Southeast Asian scholars such as Georges Condominas to establishmodels of the traditional political system in Mainland Southeast Asia. ...

Books etc

Selected articles and bibliography on Southeast Asian studies : ten years anniversary of Southeast Asian Studies Program Thammasat university
Okada Masashi (Part:Contributor)
Southeast Asian Studies Program, Thammasat University (Bangkok, Thailand)   May 2009   

Conference Activities & Talks

Local Strategy, State Policy and Global Market Change: the Case of Vietnamese Cinnamon during from 18th to early 20th Centuries
Okada Masashi
The 4th Congress of the Asian Association of World Historians “Creating World Histories from Asian Perspectives” Panel ‘Maritime History during the Late Early Modern Era’   6 Jan 2019   
A Historical Approach to Revalue Local Natural Resource: The Case of Vietnamese Cinnamon
Okada Masashi
The 42th Southeast Asia Seminar “ Health and Rural Development Based on the Concept of Gross National Happiness”   7 Dec 2018   
Souls Go back to Heaven or Homeland? : Trans-bordering and Re-Imagined Ethnicity of Tai Dam in Global Context
Okada Masashi
The 11th Annual Nordic NIAS Council Conference, Asia on the Move   Nov 2018   
The Link between Global Market Change and Local Strategy: the case of Vietnamese Cinnamon in the 18th and 19th Century
Okada Masashi
Osaka-NTU Global History Workshop (66th Global History Seminar) "Changing Dynamics and Mechanisms of Maritime Asia in Comparative Perspectives"   Jan 2018   
Highlanders' Network in the Early Modern Sino-Vietnamese Borderlands: New Aspects of Southeast Asian Upland History
Okada Masashi
Global Nodes, Networks, Orders:  Three Global History Workshops on Transformative Connectivity   Apr 2017