Takafumi Sonoi

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Takafumi Sonoi
Tohoku University

Published Papers

T. Sonoi, H. -G. Ludwig, M. -A. Dupret, J. Montalbán, R. Samadi, K. Belkacem, E. Caffau, M. -J. Goupil
A&A 621, A84 (2019)      Nov 2018
The CoRoT and Kepler missions provided a wealth of high-quality data for
solar-like oscillations. To make the best of such data for seismic inferences,
we need theoretical models with precise near-surface structure, which has
significant influence...
L. Manchon, K. Belkacem, R. Samadi, T. Sonoi, J. P. C. Marques, H. -G. Ludwig, E. Caffau
   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
The CoRoT and Kepler missions have provided high-quality measurements of the
frequency spectra of solar-like pulsators, enabling us to probe stellar
interiors with a very high degree of accuracy by comparing the observed and
modeled frequencies. H...
Gaël Buldgen, B. Rendle, T. Sonoi, G. R. Davies, A. Miglio, S. J. A. J. Salmon, D. R. Reese, D. Bossini, P. Eggenberger, A. Noels, R. Scuflaire
   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Since the CoRoT and Kepler missions, the availability of high quality seismic
spectra for red giants has made them the standard clocks and rulers for
Galactic Archeology. With the expected excellent data from the TESS and PLATO
missions, red giant...
T. Sonoi, K. Belkacem, M. -A. Dupret, R. Samadi, H. -G. Ludwig, E. Caffau, B. Mosser
A&A 600, A31 (2017)      Jan 2017   [Refereed]
The space-borne missions have provided a wealth of highly accurate data.
However, our inability to properly model the upper-most region of solar-like
stars prevents us from making the best of these observations. This problem is
called "surface eff...
T. Sonoi, R. Samadi, K. Belkacem, H. -G. Ludwig, E. Caffau, B. Mosser
A&A 583, A112 (2015)      Oct 2015   [Refereed]
The space-borne missions have provided us with a wealth of high-quality
observational data that allows for seismic inferences of stellar interiors.
This requires the computation of precise and accurate theoretical frequencies,
but imperfect modeli...


R. Samadi, K. Belkacem, T. Sonoi
73-74 111-191   Oct 2015
A leap forward has been performed due to the space-borne missions, MOST,
CoRoT and Kepler. They provided a wealth of observational data, and more
precisely oscillation spectra, which have been (and are still) exploited to
infer the internal struct...
Takafumi Sonoi, Hiromoto Shibahashi
301 493-494   Nov 2013
We carry out nonadiabatic analysis of strange-modes in hot massive stars with
time-dependent convection (TDC) for the first time. Although convective
luminosity in envelopes of hot massive stars is not as dominative as in stars
near the red edge o...
Takafumi Sonoi, Hiromoto Shibahashi
31 17-21   2013
We find that low-degree low-order g-modes become unstable in metal-poor
low-mass stars due to the Tex-mechanism of the pp-chain. Since the
outer convection zone of these stars is limited only to the very outer layers,
the uncertainty in ...

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