Hideaki Takagi

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Hideaki Takagi
Institute of Materials Structure Science

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Takahiro Doi, Hideaki Takagi, Nobutaka Shimizu, Noriyuki Igarashi, Shinichi Sakurai
Polymer   170 211-221   Apr 2019
© 2019 An acrylic block copolymer system is a promising candidate for the functional adhesives bearing good weatherability as well as high transparency. Coated layers of the acrylic block copolymers were prepared by the solution coating method us...
Hideaki Takagi, Katsuhiro Yamamoto
Macromolecules   52 2007-2014   Mar 2019
© 2019 American Chemical Society. The Frank-Kasper σ phase and the dodecagonal quasicrystal (DDQC) have been found in binary mixtures of block copolymers and homopolymers. In this study, the effect of the molecular weight length and weight fracti...
Hideaki Takagi, Noriyuki Igarashi, Yasuko Nagatani, Hiromasa Ohta, Takeharu Mori, Takashi Kosuge, Nobutaka Shimizu
AIP Conference Proceedings   2054    Jan 2019
© 2019 Author(s). The new high-brilliance small angle X-ray scattering beamline BL-15A2 at the Photon Factory has been operational since late 2014. BL-15A2 has a short-gap undulator, which can produce high brilliance X-rays ranging from 2.1 keV t...
N. Shimizu, T. Mori, Y. Nagatani, H. Ohta, S. Saijo, H. Takagi, M. Takahashi, K. Yatabe, T. Kosuge, N. Igarashi
AIP Conference Proceedings   2054    Jan 2019
© 2019 Author(s). BL-10C at the Photon Factory is one of the world's oldest small-angle X-ray scattering beamlines. In Spring 2014, the original beamline was scrapped and rebuilt as a beamline equipped with new optical components and an experiment...
Noriyuki Igarashi, Hideaki Takagi, Hiromasa Ohta, Takeharu Mori, Shogo Tomita, Yasuko Nagatani, Takashi Kosuge, Hiroshi Okuda, Nobutaka Shimizu
AIP Conference Proceedings   2054    Jan 2019
© 2019 Author(s). At the Photon Factory, we operate three SAXS beamlines: BL-6A, BL-10C, and BL-15A2. BL-15A2 is an undulator beamline, which has characteristic features in the tender X-ray region from 2100 to 4000 eV. In the BL-15A2 experimental ...

Books etc

Self-Assembly in Block Copolymers: Structural Control and Applications
Hideaki Takagi (Part:Joint Work)
Oct 2018