Takahito Shimada

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Takahito Shimada
National Research Institute of Police Science of Japan
Dept. of Criminology and Behavioral Science
Job title
Chief Scientist of the Crime Prevention Section
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2007
Senior Researcher, Department of Criminology and Behavioral Science, National Research Institute of Police Science of Japan

Research Areas


Published Papers

Hashimura Chihiro, Amemiya Mamoru, Hata Tomoko, Shimada Takahito
Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan   54(3) 421-428   Oct 2019   [Refereed]
In recent years, children's behaviors tend to be regulated by parents who worry about crime and accidents. It has been pointed out that this has an adverse effect on children's development, reducing the opportunity for children to act freely witho...
島田 貴仁, 大山 智也
犯罪社会学研究 = Japanese journal of sociological criminology   (44) 98-116   Oct 2019   [Refereed]
島田 貴仁
被害者学研究   (29) 139-152   Mar 2019   [Invited]
山根 由子, 梶原 田鶴, 齊藤 知範, 島田 貴仁
科学警察研究所報告   67(2) 43-55   Jul 2018
島田 貴仁
犯罪学雑誌 = Acta criminologiae et medicinae lagalis Japonica   84(3) 78-81   Jun 2018   [Invited]
荒井 崇史, 島田 貴仁, アライ タカシ / シマダ タカヒト
追手門学院大学心理学部紀要;Bulletin of the Faculty of Psychology, Otemon Gakuin University   12 1-12   Mar 2018
犯罪情報 / 脅威アピール / 事前の関心 / 犯罪予防行動 / 説得的コミュニケーションcrime information / threat appeal / pre-interest / crime prevention behavior / persuasive communication
Kanemasa Yuji, Arai Takashi, Shimada Takahito, Ishida Hitoshi, Yamamoto Isao
The Japanese journal of psychology   89(2) 160-170   2018   [Refereed]
<p>This study aimed to reveal the risk factors for a person to perpetrate stalking-like behaviors following the end of a romantic relationship based on personality traits (attachment anxiety and narcissism), the characteristics of a romantic relat...
Takahito Shimada
The research aims to examine the characteristics of stalking in terms of stalker-victim relationship and to examine the risk factors of intimate partner violence in break-up intimate relationship.
On-line surveys were conducted among conventional ...
Takahito Shimada
The Japanese journal of psychology      Jul 2017   [Refereed]
A field experiment was conducted to examine the factors in threat appeal responsible for maintenance of crime-prevention behavior. At four public bicycle parking lots, 256 riders with variable receiver vulnerability characteristics were encouraged...
大山 智也, 雨宮 護, 島田 貴仁, 中谷 友樹
GIS-理論と応用   25(1) 33-43   Jun 2017   [Refereed]
Shimada Takahito, Motoyama Yui
MERA Journal   19(1) 11-20   Oct 2016   [Refereed]
Although approxiamately 40% of residential burglaries in Japan are caused by leaving doors and windows unlocked, there are few researches on such risky behavior. Two internet surveys were conducted to investigate the factors associated with leavin...
山本 功, 島田 貴仁
犯罪社会学研究   (41) 80-97   Oct 2016   [Refereed]
島田 貴仁
刑法雑誌   55(3) 459-470   May 2016
島田 貴仁, 齊藤 知範, 原田 章
科学警察研究所報告   64(1) 24-34   Jan 2015   [Refereed]
Takahito Shimada
The Japanese Journal of Environmental Psychology   1(1) 46-57   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Crime research can be classified into “cause of crime” school and “crime opportunity” school. Environmen-
tal perspectives play an important role for both schools. The paper examines the transition between the
schools and the scales in “crime and e...
Amemiya Mamoru, Shimada Takahito
Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan   48(1) 60-66   2013
The changing patterns in the geographical distribution of residential burglaries in Tokyo from 2001 to 2011 were examined using ESDA (exploratory spatial data analysis), and the following issues were identified: (a) While the residential burglary ...

Conference Activities & Talks

Takahito Shimada
American Society of Criminology 74th Annual Meeting   15 Nov 2018   American Society of Criminology
Although there are many empirical studies on community and crime, cross-sectional surveys often fails to find causal relationship between crime prevention behavior and victimization. The study integrates longitudinal survey, census and official cr...
Correlates of Social Support Seeking among Adolescent-female Stalking Victims in Japan
Takahito Shimada
International Congress of Psychology   28 Jul 2016   
Sep 2015   
Sep 2015   
Attitude toward public surveilance cameras and publi accepatance
Shimada.T.,Takagi,D.& Mamoru,A.
Jul 2014   
The Impact of Street Surveillance Cameras on Purse-snatching (hittakuri): An Evaluation of a Geographically Focused Crime Prevention Initiative in Japan
Takahito Shimada
Asian Society of Criminology Conference   28 Jun 2014   
The process of stalking victimization
Shimada,T.& Ihara,N.
Sep 2013   


島田 貴仁, 本山 友衣, 藤井 辰典, 開口 貴生
Japanese Journal of Environmental Psychology   7(1)    2019
ショート マーティン, 島田 貴仁
パリティ   29(12) 50-52   Dec 2014
Hikaru Shikata; Takahito Shimada
Security Science Review   16 144-162   Mar 2014
Global moran’s I and small distance adjustment: spatial pattern of crime in Tokyo
Takahito Shimada
CrimeStat: A Spatial Statistics Program for the Analysis of Crime Incident Location   162   2002

Books etc

Dec 2013   ISBN:4779508045
Crime prevention. 5th ed
SYOICHI Watanabe, TAKAHITO Shimada, TOMONORI Saito, GEORGE Kikuchi (Part:Joint Translation)
Mar 2006