Murata Takeshi

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Murata Takeshi

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木下 正弘, 村田 武士
バイオサイエンスとインダストリー   75(1) 33-36   2017
村田 武士
医学のあゆみ   254(8) 546-550   Aug 2015
Hino Tomoya, Iwata So, Murata Takeshi
SEIBUTSU BUTSURI KAGAKU   58(2) 18-20   2014
MURATA Takeshi
Seibutsu Butsuri   54(2) 79-84   2014
F- and V-ATPases are unique bio- and nano-molecular rotary motors among many types of bioenergy-transducing machineries. The rotational catalysis of F1-ATPase has been investigated in detail, and the molecular mechanisms have been proposed on the ...