Takemoto Toshinobu

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Takemoto Toshinobu
Hiroshima University
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Awards & Honors

May 2017
Effects of Disinfection of Agar-Alginate combined Impressions to Stone Models, International Congress of Dental Technology, Poster Presentation and Competition
Winner: Kobayashi K, Kihara A, Shoga H, Takemoto T, Satoda T

Published Papers

Relation between stress marker and mental factor of the student in roll-playing training in the dental hygienist education
J. Hiroshima Univ. Dent. Soc.   46(1) 42-49   Jun 2014   [Refereed]
A survey of the consciousness about career to students in a university of 4-year dental hygienist education –The difference between grades-
J. Hiroshima Univ. Dent. Soc.   46(1) 50-62   Jun 2014   [Refereed]
Factors affecting to the stress and mental health status of dental hygienists in private dental clinics
Jpn. J. Dent. Prac. Admin.   48(2) 155-164   2013   [Refereed]
Factors affecting the will to continue a job of dental hygienists at private dental clinics –A survey in Hiroshima Prefecture
Jpn. J. Dent. Prac. Admin.   48(3) 204-216   2013   [Refereed]
The present state of operation of patients with halitosis in private dental clinics. -Analysis according to the situation of sensory evaluation-
J. Hiroshima Univ. Dent. Soc.   45(1) 21-28   2013   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

The image that the students of three types of dental hygienists school have each other
Takemoto T., Matsumoto A., Niitani Y., Kume M.
The 98th Regular Meeting of Hiroshima University Dental Society   9 Nov 2014   
What is required to dental hygienists’ 4-year university graduates
Takemoto T., Niitani Y., Matsumoto A., Kume M.
The 98th Regular Meeting of Hiroshima University Dental Society   9 Nov 2014   
Difference in consciousness about the disaster prevention in the private dental clinic
Kume M., Takemoto T., Niitani Y., Matsumoto A.
The 98th Regular Meeting of Hiroshima University Dental Society   9 Nov 2014   
A consideration about acquisition of the humanity necessary to a dental hygienist.-Through a narrative of an expert dental hygienist who carried IPW
Nagatani Y., Obayashi T., Oto T., Waki T., Takemoto T., Ogawa T.
The 6th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association of Health Communication   19 Sep 2014   
The status of dental hygienist in Japan & Dental hygienist education in Hiroshima University
Takemoto T.
Airlangga University special lecture   23 Dec 2016   Airlangga University