Hiroki Takikawa

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Hiroki Takikawa
Tohoku University
Graduate School of Arts and Letters
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Published Papers

Takuto Sakamoto, Hiroki Takikawa
   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
Political polarization in public space can seriously hamper the function and
the integrity of contemporary democratic societies. In this paper, we propose a
novel measure of such polarization, which, by way of simple topic modelling,
quantifies di...
Hiroki Takikawa, Kikuko Nagayoshi
   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
There is an ongoing debate about whether the Internet is like a public sphere
or an echo chamber. Among many forms of social media, Twitter is one of the
most crucial online places for political debate. Most of the previous studies
focus on the fo...
Obayashi S, Inagaki Y, Takikawa H
PloS one   12(2) e0172597   2017   [Refereed]
Shinya O, Yusuke I, Hiroki T
PloS one   11(11) e0166437   2016   [Refereed]
Sociological Theory and Methods   31(1) 99-108   2016
The Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. We describe longitudinal trends of Sociological Theory and Methods in thirty years by analyzing all the articles from total volume 1 (1986) to 58 (2015)...


Hiroki Takikawa, Takuto Sakamoto
   Apr 2017
There has been a growing body of study on the relationship between
public/political discourse and its moral-emotional foundations. Most of the
studies, however, have been confined to a single country's context, lacking
cross-cultural perspectives....

Books etc

Social capital: Theory, measurement and outcomes
NOVA Publisher   2013   ISBN:9781624178221

Conference Activities & Talks

Takikawa, Hiroki and Kikuko Nagayoshi
2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data   11 Dec 2017   
Sakamoto Takuto and Hiroki Takikawa
2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data   11 Dec 2017   
Analysis of Political Polarization in Japan from Computational Social Science Perspective [Invited]
Hiroki Takikawa
Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica   11 Oct 2017   
Takikawa, Hiroki and Takuto Sakamoto
International Conference on Computational Social Science   10 Jun 2017   
The Duality Revisited: A New Methodology for Bipartite Networks
Hiroki Takikawa
The Institute for Analytical Sociology Seminar   9 Mar 2017