Itsuji Tangiku

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Itsuji Tangiku
Hokkaido University
Center for Ainu & Indigenous Studies

Research Areas


Published Papers

Tonkori and Shichepshin
Itsuji TangikuChika Shinohara -Tangiku and Itsuji Tangiku
Studia instrumentorum musicae popularis   V 405-416   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
丹菊 逸治
口承文藝研究   (36) 54-70   2013
丹菊 逸治
北海道立北方民族博物館研究紀要   (22) 59-62   2013
千葉大学ユーラシア言語文化論集   0(14) 33-41   Sep 2012
北方人文研究   0(5) 113-122   Mar 2012


Ainu Literature
Itsuji Tangiku
Aboriginal Education World   (78) 86-93   Dec 2017   [Invited]
Language World of Ainu
Itsuji Tangiku
Aboriginal Education World   (77) 80-87   Oct 2017
白石 英才, 丹菊 逸治
北方言語研究   (5) 215-226   Mar 2015
This word list contains 222 items from two speakers of the Amur dialect of Nivkh, collected during an expedition to the Lower Amur Region(Russia) in summer 2012 and 2014.
白石 英才, 丹菊 逸治
北方言語研究   (4) 173-184   Mar 2014
白石 英才, 丹菊 逸治
北方言語研究   (3) 201-212   Mar 2013

Books etc

A new wave of Ainu language revitalization, "Language and Society No.20"
Itsuji Tangiku (Part:Contributor, Reports"Japan as a Multilingual Society: The Ainu language 11)
Jan 2019   
Short essay on Ainu language revitalization. Bilingual text in Ainu language and Japanese language.
Ainu Poetry Appreciation - Alliteration and rhyme
Itsuji Tangiku
Hokkaido University Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies   Aug 2018   
Outline of Ainu verse, especially alliteration and rhyme. Not only about traditional verses but, written or modern verses of Chiri Yukie, Batchelor Yaeko, and Iga Hude. Includes a paper about a hypothesis of Mongolian influence. Non commercial pub...
The Fire and Jomon people
Itsuji Tangiku (Part:Contributor, The fire in Nivkh lives)
Feb 2017   

Conference Activities & Talks

Sound of condolence in Nivkh traditional music
Itsuji Tangiku
22nd Symposium of the ICTM Study Group MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS   12 Apr 2019   
Come on and join us ! Let's learn! : What did Tasuke Yamamoto see in Poronaysk ?
22 Feb 2019   
Ainu language revitalization based on individual activities [Invited]
Itsuji Tangiku
16 Dec 2018   
Ainu traditional literature and Ainu modern literature [Invited]
Itsuji Tangiku
2018 International Conference on Taiwan Indigenous literature   17 Nov 2018   
“Jangar” and Ainu epic song “Yukar”
Itsuji Tangiku
International Symposium "The Epic of The World and Jangar"   22 Sep 2018   NPOJangar