Sakata Katsuhiko

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Sakata Katsuhiko
Higashinippon International University

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Published Papers

Interplay of the realities on the occasion of coal mine closure: Considering the life-histories of people engaged in "clean up"
Sakata Katsuhiko
Japan Sociologist   (3号) 145-165   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
坂田 勝彦
日本オーラル・ヒストリー研究 = Japan oral history review   13 111-127   2017   [Refereed]
Sakata Katsuhiko
Japanese sociological review   59(4) 769-786   Mar 2009   [Refereed]
This article examines the Furusato no mori movement, which was organized by the inmates of the National Hansen's disease sanatorium Tama Zenshouen, in order to explore how they developed the relationships among themselves and made th...
SAKATA Katsuhiko
The Annual Review of Sociology   2008(21) 49-59   2008   [Refereed]
Beginning in the modern era as part of the process of national state formation, the Japanese government adopted an isolation policy for people with Hansen's disease in which sufferers were segregated from the general public and confined to sanator...