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Kobe Shoin Women's University
Faculty of Education Department of Education
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Apr 2009
Faculty of Human Sciences Faculty of Human Sciences Department of Child Development Professor
Apr 2010
Psychology Program Professor

Published Papers

A study on significances and susjects of the educational proctice in Ausyralia
第3号 1-10   Aug 2018
A discussion about the constructing of technique structure about the intersection of body posture and internal urturance‐concerning to be an expert for child-care and education‐
Yoko Tanaka, Shinji Katsuura, Reiko Ojima, Hideaki Ishino
Annual Reports of Kyoushoku Support Center, Kobe-Shoin Woman's University   特別号 24-36   Mar 2018
A study on the background to the sense of difficulties facing nursery teachers - with a view to constructing a support system
Yoko Terami, Toyoko Haru, Teruyo Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Tsuru
Annual Reports of Kyoushoku, Support Center, Kobe-Shoin Woman's University   2 51-58   Aug 2017
The purpose of this study is to explore ways to provide a support system for nursery teachers to reduce their sense of difficulty when they interact with children and their parents. We investigated the situation of nursery teachers, their characte...
A Study on the Change of Fathers’ Consciousness and Practices of Child-rearing, and the Factors of these Change―comparing with 2000 and 2011 data―
Kenji MInami
Journal of the Faculty of Human Science, Kobe Shoin Woman's University   6 119-135   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
The purpose of this study was to discuss about perspectives of the support in fathers’ child-rearing, comparing the fathers’ consciousness and daily practices of household and child-rearing with presence and eleven years ago. Furthermore we analyz...
Derivation of the Viewpoints for Parenting Program Intended to Enhance Paternal Nurturance and Role-taking
Yoko Terami, Kenji Minami, Kyou Matsushima, Yoko oikawa, Yukano Teramura, Atsudhi Ito
Bulletin of Graduate School of Human Development and Environment, Kobe University   9(2) 1-22   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
In this paper, we will focus on fathers raising babies or toddlers, and discuss several elements indispensable to learning programs for promoting their parental nurturance or parental roles. We took up three different programs, which had been impl...

Conference Activities & Talks

A Cultural Comparative Study : Identity Formation of Korean and Japanese Mothers in term of Their Child.Rearing Practice
Abstracts of PECERA Inaugural Conference and meeting, Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association   Jul 2000   
Ambivalent meanings of "being a mother" identity formation of Japanese"SengyouShuhu" Women (full time housewives their child.rearing practices)
Abstracts of the 1996 annual meeting, Association for Asian Studies   Apr 1996