Tsuyoshi Goroku

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Tsuyoshi Goroku
Nishogakusha University
Faculty of International Politics and EconomicsDepartment of International Politics and Economics
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Conference Activities & Talks

[Commentator] Oliver BANGE(ZMSBw) “Implementing the 1968 Deal in the 1970s: Germany's Say in NATO Nuclear Affairs”
Tsuyoshi Goroku
1 Mar 2017   
[Commentator] William Burr(National Security Archive)“Nuclear Proliferation and National Security Interests: U.S. Policy Thinking during the 1960s”
Tsuyoshi Goroku
Nuclear Options in the Cold War: Energy, Bomb and Technology Choices before and after 1968   1 Mar 2017   
The US and NATO’s ‘Dual-Track’ Decision, 1977-79,
Tsuyoshi Goroku
9 Feb 2013   
Missing the Opportunity: The US and Western European attempts at defense cooperation in the early 1970s
Tsuyoshi Goroku
Workshop on Researching the EU from Asia-Pacific, New Perspectives and Frontiers   6 Jun 2012   
The US and European Dreams of Speaking with One Voice in the early 1970s, [Invited]
Tsuyoshi Goroku
Jean-Monnet COE in Asia-Pacific Graduate Workshop   1 Dec 2011   
Working Atlantic Alliance and A Discordant US-EC relationship: The US, France and Kissinger’s “Year of Europe” initiative
Tsuyoshi Goroku
2011 Asian Workshop on the EU Study, The Future of European Integration and EU-Asia Relations   22 Feb 2011