TIDA Syuntaro

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TIDA Syuntaro
Kyoto University

Research Areas


Published Papers

Dom admonitory lecture
TIDA Syuntaro
18 1-28   Mar 2019
The kesita construction in Korean: With a focus on demonstration marking
TIDA Syuntaro and KIM Sunmi
17 1-26   Mar 2018
Web and lexicon: Problems and prospects in the lexical study of the Jeju dialect of Korean
TIDA Syuntaro
16 35-46   Mar 2017
Possessive suffixes in the East Simbu languages
TIDA Syuntaro
Ariake: Kumamoto University Linguistics Papers   15 1-40   Mar 2016
Review: Japanese translation of Dying Words by Nicholas Evans Translated by M. Onishi, T. Osada and W. Mori
TIDA Syuntaro
Ariake: Kumamoto University Linguistics Papers   14 37-80   Mar 2015
The "Number Two" dialect of the Dom language
TIDA Syuntaro
Ariake: Kumamoto University Linguistic Papers   12 1-30   Mar 2013
On the underlying syllable structure: Vowel epenthesis in Korean
TIDA Syuntaro
Ariake: Kumamoto University Linguistic Papers   11 1-46   Mar 2012
Dom Texts ‘A hawk and a parrot’, ‘a dog and a pig’, and ‘stealing’
TIDA Syuntaro
20 11-36   2001   [Refereed]
Book review: Pawley, A., R. Attenborough, J. Golson, and R. Hide (eds.). 2005. Papuan Pasts: Cultural, Linguistics, and Biological Histories of Papuan-speaking People
Onishi, M., S. Tida, R. Ono, Y. Negishi, K. Tadokoro and T. Furusawa 共著
People and Culture in Oceania   24 81-87   2009

Books etc

Cross-Linguistic Studies of Tonal Phenomena: Historical Development, Phonetics of Tone and Descriptive Studies. Proceedings of the symposium
Kaji, Shigeki ed. (Part:Contributor, "Comments on ‘The Tonal System of Skou, New Guinea’ by Mark Donohue" (pp.365-368))
Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies   2003   
Languages of the South Pacific Rim, Volume 2
TIDA Syuntaro

Conference Activities & Talks

Personal pronouns in New Guinean languages [Invited]
TIDA Syuntaro
6 Sep 2018   
Description of the Dom language and linguistic typology [Invited]
TIDA Syuntaro
Korean Association for Linguistic typology   11 Jan 2016