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FUKUSHIMA Akira, HAYASHI Takami, OHTA Hisatoshi, KAJI Ryota, TSUDA Naoto
Tohoku Journal of Crop Science   (58) 19-20   Dec 2015
KOIKE Setsuo, OHMORI Shinnosuke, YAMAGUCHI Tomoya, HAYASHI Takami, YATOU Osamu, YOSHIDA Hitoshi
Tohoku Journal of Crop Science   (55) 67-68   Dec 2012
開花しないイネ突然変異体superwoman1-cleistogamy(spw1-cls)(Yoshida ら2007)は,生殖成長期の一定期間の履歴温度の違いにより,閉花性イネと開花性イネとになる(大森伸之介ら2010)。開花時が高温感受性の最も高いことから,閉花性イネと開花性イネを用いて開花期高温障害の差を解析した結果,閉花性イネは開花性イネに比べて高温耐性であることが確認された(小池2011)。閉花性イネの穎花内温度は,外気温に比べて約2℃低いことから,穎の気孔からの蒸散による潜熱の...
Hayashi Takami, Yamaguchi Tomoya, Nakayama Katsuhiro, Koike Setsuo
Plant Prod. Sci.   12(3) 271-277   2009
Changes in gene expression patterns by high nitrogen (High-N) and High-N plus cooling at the young microspore stage (High-N-cooling) in rice mature anthers were analyzed by semiquantitative RT-PCR with gene specific primers. Gene expression of ...
Hayashi Takami, Kashiwabara Kazunari, Yamaguchi Tomoya, Koike Setsuo
Plant Prod. Sci.   3(3) 323-327   2000
The combined effects of high nitrogen supply, cool temperature regimes and shading on factors related to fertility in rice plants were investigated. High nitrogen supply during the period from the spikelet differentiation stage to the young micros...