Takahiro Suzuki

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Takahiro Suzuki
Kindai University
Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and TechnologyDepartment of Biotechnological Science

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2010
Professor, Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science & Technology, Kinki University
Nov 2004
Mar 2010
manager, Foundation Laboratory, Nihon L'Oreal
Dec 2000
Oct 2004
Chief Researcher of Cosmetics, mica division, Topy Industries
Aug 2000
Nov 2000
Hitech ht Co., Ltd.
Sep 1992
Sep 1993
Guest researcher, Histochemisty dept., Royal Postgraduate Medical School


Apr 1983
Mar 1988
Food industrial chemistry specialty, Doctor course of Agriculture, Nagoya University graduate school
Apr 1979
Mar 1983
Dept. Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Nagoya Univ.

Published Papers

Further investigation of recurrence mechanism of Fukushima offshore huge earthquake caused by global warming and study on the methane fermentation conditions from sweetpotatoes
Takahiro Suzuki, Masaru Sakamoto
JSES coference      Oct 2019
Since the sea level started rising due to global warming,
strong earthquakes have frequently occurred in the
Tohoku region. Last year, we found a high correlation
between deep snow levels in Niigata and the number of
earthquakes in Tohoku. Further...
Masaru Sakamoto, Takahiro Suzuki
Horticulturae   5(3) 62/1-13   Sep 2019   [Refereed]
Elucidation of the huge earthquake occurrence mechanism by global warming and creation of fossil fuel alternative market by mass production of sweetpotato-methane
Takahiro Suzuki
Journal of Japan Solar Energy Society   45(4) 31-37   Jul 2019
Masaru Sakamoto, Takahiro Suzuki
Sustainable Agriculture Research   7(1) 137-145   Jan 2018   [Refereed]
Sakamoto M, Kim DA, Imoto K, Kitai Y, Suzuki T
Sustainable Agriculture Research   62(2) 7-12   May 2017   [Refereed]
Sakamoto Masaru, Mayuka Uenishi, Kengo Miyamoto, Takahiro Suzuki
Journal of Agricultural Science   8(5) 122-131   May 2016   [Refereed]
山西弘城, 稲垣昌代, 若林源一郎, 芳原新也, 伊藤哲夫, 田中尚道, 石渡俊二, 多賀淳, 緒方文彦, 堀端章, 鈴木高広, 古川道郎
スマートプロセス学会誌   4(6) 268-274   Nov 2015
Masaru Sakamoto, Takahiro Suzuki
American Journal of Plant Sciences   6(14) 2350-2360   Sep 2015   [Refereed]
Masaru Sakamoto, Takahiro Suzuki
Agricultural Sciences   6(8) 749-757   Aug 2015   [Refereed]
Mem Fac Biol Oriented Sci Technol Kinki Univ   (35) 1-6   Mar 2015   [Refereed]



Books etc

Nanotechnology for Producing Novel Cosmetics in Japan
Takahiro Suzuki (Part:Contributor, Composite Powder)
CMC   May 2009   ISBN:978-4-7813-0113-6

Conference Activities & Talks

Takahiro Suzuki
COSME Tech 2020 Tokyo   22 Jan 2020   
Powder tehcnology for make-up cosmetics [Invited]
Takahiro Suzuki
25 Oct 2019   
鈴木高広, 阪井博充, 坂本勝
SCCJ研究討論会講演要旨集   18 Jul 2019   
鈴木高広, 坂本勝
太陽/風力エネルギー講演論文集   7 Nov 2018   
8th Seminar for the laest technology and new material R & D trend of makeup cosmetics [Invited]
Takahiro Suzuki
8 Jun 2018   COSIN CO. LTD., Seoul, Korea
4P-I132 Cheap way to produce sweetpotatoes to supply all calorie-consumption of the whole nation, at the 420,000ha-abandoned farmlands only
Takahiro Suzuki, Masaru Sakamoto, Wataru Morioka
14 Sep 2017   
SUZUKI Takahiro, SAKAMOTO Masaru
Proceedings of the Annual Conference of The Japan Institute of Energy   2 Aug 2017   
<p>Mass production of sweetpotatoes by a cheap cultivation method was achieved with small pots by optimizing the elongation space of the roots and the hygroscopic condition of the soil. In Okinawa we planted vine of sweetpotato in October, and har...
鈴木 高広, 坂本 勝, 森岡 航, 石橋 俊介
太陽/風力エネルギー講演論文集 = Proceedings of JSES/JWEA Joint Conference   24 Nov 2016   
SUZUKI Takahiro, SAKAMOTO Masaru
Proceedings of the Annual Conference of The Japan Institute of Energy   10 Aug 2016   
<p>The innovation is required to production of a large amount of biomass by cultivation of domestic photosynthetic plant and to replace fossil fuels. The author has found that the best crop is sweetpotato cultivated in multilayer system. So far, t...