Nisihimura Tsuyoshi

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Nisihimura Tsuyoshi
Tottori University
Graduate School of EngineeringManagement of Social Systems and Civil Engineering Civil Engineering

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Published Papers

Analytical study of the support pressure for the stability of shallow underground circular openings
Tsuyoshi N, Masanori K, Masahiro W and Kintoki O
   Sep 2019   [Refereed]
Effects of clay-mineral type and content on the hydraulic conductivity of bentonite‐sand mixtures made of Kunigel bentonite from Japan
Masanori KOHNO, Yoshitaka NARA, Masaji KATO and Tsuyoshi NISHIMURANisihimura Tsuyoshi
Clay Minerals 53(4) 721-732 2018年12月   53(4) 721-732   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
河野勝宣, 竹原裕太, 西村強
材料   67(3) 324‐329(J‐STAGE)   2018
文村賢一, 西村強, 河野勝宣
土木学会論文集 C(地圏工学)(Web)   73(1) 11‐22(J‐STAGE)   2017
河野勝宣, 土田章仁, 北迫勝也, 池添保雄, 西村強
材料   65(5) 377‐383(J‐STAGE)   2016
河野勝宣, 北迫勝也, 池添保雄, 西村強
土木学会論文集 C(地圏工学)(Web)   71(2) 81-91 (J-STAGE)   2015
平松大周, 栢野伸也, 西村強
地盤と建設   29(1) 125-130   Feb 2012
Distinct Element Analysis for Progressive Failure in Rock Slope
Tsuyoshi NISHIMURA, Kouji TSUJINO and Tsuyoshi FUKUDA
Soils & Foundations   50(4) 505-513   Aug 2010   [Refereed]
西村強, 福田毅, 木山英郎
材料   59(3) 199-204 (J-STAGE)   2010
Simulating macroproperties of Distinct Element model with a bond formulation
Nisihimura Tsuyoshi
47-52   Nov 2008   [Refereed]


Numerical simulation on Progressive Failure in Rock Slope using a 3D lattice spring model
Nisihimura Tsuyoshi
Proceedings of 2019 Rock Dynamics Symposium in Okinawa      May 2019   [Refereed]
Numerical simulation of stress and deformation around tunnel portal
Nishimura, T., Fumimura, K., Watariue, M., Kawabata, S. Kohno, M.
Rock Mechanics in Infrastructure and Resource Development (Proceedings of 10th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium, the ISRM International Symposium for 2018)      Nov 2018   [Refereed]
Numerical simulations on failure and stress wave propagation in solid materials using a 3D lattice spring model
Nisihimura Tsuyoshi
Rock Dynamics - Experiments, Theories and Applications - (Li, Li and Zhang, editors), Proceedings of Third International Conference on Rock Dynamics and Applications (RocDyn-3)      Jun 2018   [Refereed]
岩本大祐, 文村賢一, 西村強, 河野勝宣
トンネル工学報告集(CD-ROM)   28 ROMBUNNO.I‐40   2018
土田章仁, 土田章仁, 下條洋介, 西村強, 河野勝宣
岩盤力学に関するシンポジウム講演集(CD-ROM)   45th ROMBUNNO.25   2018
Effect of clay mineral type and content on swelling characteristic and permeability of bentonite-sand mixtures
Book of Abstracts of Clay Conference 2017 - The 7th International Conference on Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers for Radioactive Waste Confinement      Sep 2017   [Refereed]
文村賢一, 文村賢一, 西村強, 渡上正洋, 河野勝宣
トンネル工学報告集(CD-ROM)   27 ROMBUNNO.I‐33   2017
土田章仁, 土田章仁, 河野勝宣, 北迫勝也, 池添保雄, 西村強
岩の力学国内シンポジウム講演論文集(CD-ROM)   14th ROMBUNNO.14   2017
河野勝宣, 竹原裕太, 西村強
岩の力学国内シンポジウム講演論文集(CD-ROM)   14th ROMBUNNO.33   2017
北迫勝也, 河野勝宣, 池添保雄, 西村強
地盤と建設   32(1) 45-52   Dec 2014