Takahiro Noda

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Takahiro Noda
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO, Division of Field Crop Research and Development, Agri-products Evaluation and Utilization Group
Job title
Group Leader
PhD(Mie University)

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2016
Group leader, Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO
Apr 2011
Mar 2016
Chief researcher, Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO
Apr 2006
Mar 2011
Subteam leader, Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO
Apr 2001
Mar 2006
Researcher, Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO
Apr 1996
Mar 2001
Kyushu National Agricultural Experiment Station, MAFF
Apr 1990
Mar 1996
Researcher, Kyushu National Agricultural Experiment Station, MAFF

Awards & Honors

Sep 2000
Prize for "Encouragement of Young Scientists", The Japanese Society of Applied Glycoscience

Published Papers

Kusano Hiroaki, Ohnuma Mariko, Mutsuro-Aoki Hiromi, Asahi Takahiro, Ichinosawa Dai, Onodera Hitomi, Asano Kenji, Noda Takahiro, Horie Takaaki, Fukumoto Kou, Kihira Miho, Teramura Hiroshi, Yazaki Kazufumi, Umemoto Naoyuki, Muranaka Toshiya, Shimada Hiroaki
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS   8    Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Takahiro Noda, Chie Matsuura-Endo, Koji Ishiguro
Journal of Food Science and Technology   55 1360-1365   Apr 2018
© 2018, Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (India). Iron fortification was applied to commercial potato starch by immersion in different concentrations of ferrous sulfate (FeSO 4 ) aqueous solutions. To determine the impact of iron f...
Narpinder Singh, Amritpal Kaur, Khetan Shevkani, Rajrathnam Ezekiel, Prabhjot Kaur, Naoto Isono, Takahiro Noda
Starch/Staerke   70    Mar 2018
© 2017 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim Starches from 42 diverse Indian potato cultivars are evaluated for diversity in structural (amylose content and amylopectin chain length distribution), morphological (granules size distribution),...
Mie Nishimura, Tatsuya Ohkawara, Yuji Sato, Hiroki Satoh, Tatsuro Suzuki, Koji Ishiguro, Takahiro Noda, Toshikazu Morishita, Jun Nishihira
Journal of Functional Foods   26 460-469   Oct 2016
© 2016 The AuthorsRutin, a phenolic compound, has antioxidant, anti-dyslipidaemic, and body weight-reducing effects. We evaluated the anti-arteriosclerotic, antioxidant, and body weight-reducing effects of rutin-rich Tartary buckwheat. We randomly...
Koji Ishiguro, Toshikazu Morishita, Junzo Ashizawa, Tatsuro Suzuki, Takahiro Noda
Food Science and Technology Research   22 557-562   Jan 2016
© 2016, Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology.A Tartary buckwheat variety, 'Manten-Kirari', which is rich in rutin but lacks bitterness because of trace rutinosidase activity, was recently developed. Rutin content was 1,269 and 1,421 mg...
遠藤千絵, 石黒浩二, 瀧川重信, 野田高弘, 波佐康弘
日本食品科学工学会誌   62(1) 50-55   Jan 2015
Lula Nadia, M. Aman Wirakartakusumah, Nuri Andarwulan, Eko Hari Purnomo, Takahiro Noda, Koji Ishiguro
Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences   47 92-103   Jan 2015
© 2015 Published by ITB Journal Publisher. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of particle size on the chemical properties of yam flour in five cultivars, yellow/YY, orange/OY, light purple/LPY, purple/PY, and dark purple/DP...
Tatsuro Suzuki, Toshikazu Morishita, Sun Ju Kim, Sang Un Park, Sun hee Woo, Takahiro Noda, Shigenobu Takigawa
Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly   49 37-43   Jan 2015
The buckwheat plant contains high levels of rutin (flavonol 3-O-rutinoside) in many organs, including its seeds, cotyledon, leaves, stem, and flowers. The enzymes that catalyze the decomposition and synthesis of rutin in buckwheat are unique in te...
Tatsuro Suzuki, Toshikazu Morishita, Shigenobu Takigawa, Takahiro Noda, Koji Ishiguro
Food Science and Technology Research   21 733-738   Jan 2015
© 2015, Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology.The rutin content of dough made with 'Manten-Kirari', a new Tartary buckwheat variety with trace-rutinosidase activity and minimal bitterness, was assessed in a time course study of rutin hy...
Takahiro Noda, Shigenobu Takigawa, Chie Matsuura-Endo, Koji Ishiguro, Koichi Nagasawa, Masahiro Jinno
Journal of Applied Glycoscience   62 159-164   2015   [Refereed]
Suzuki T, Morishita T, Mukasa Y, Takigawa S, Yokota S, Ishiguro K, Noda T
Breeding science   64(4) 339-343   Dec 2014   [Refereed]
Suzuki T, Morishita T, Mukasa Y, Takigawa S, Yokota S, Ishiguro K, Noda T
Breeding science   64(4) 344-350   Dec 2014   [Refereed]
Noda T, Takigawa S, Matsuura-Endo C, Ishiguro K, Nagasawa K, Jinno M
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)   19(9) 14556-14566   Sep 2014   [Refereed]
Narpinder Singh, Shubhpreet Kaur, Amritpal Kaur, Naoto Isono, Yuya Ichihashi, Takahiro Noda, Jai Chand Rana
Starch/Staerke   66 457-467   Jan 2014
Structural, thermal, and rheological properties of starches from 13 Amaranthus hypochondriacus lines and 8 Amaranthus caudatus lines were evaluated and related using principal component analysis. Amylopectin chains with DP 6-12, DP 13-18, DP 19-24...
I. S M Zaidul, T. Noda, K. M. Sharif, A. A. Karim, R. L. Smith
Journal of Supercritical Fluids   95 499-505   Jan 2014
© 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.Modification of starch blend properties by contact with supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) was studied. Potato starch (PS), sweet potato starch (SPS), and cassava starch (CS) were blended with wheat starc...
Hiroaki Yamauchi, Daijyu Yamada, Daiki Murayama, Dennis Marvin Santiago, Yoshitake Orikasa, Hiroshi Koaze, Yoshiko Nakaura, Naoyoshi Inouchi, Takahiro Noda
Food Science and Technology Research   20 1071-1078   Jan 2014
Copyright © 2014, Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology.White breads with Yudane dough (Yudane bread) were made from commercial hard flour by the no first fermentation method. Yudane dough was prepared by mixing boiling water and flour ...
Mohammed Zaidul Islam Sarker, Mohammed Abd Elgadir, Sahena Ferdosh, Munira Akhtar, Mohammed Zainul Abedin, Mohammad Abdul Hakim, Takahiro Noda
Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment   11 566-571   Nov 2013
Many food ingredients and additives can be used to improve the quality of different food systems. Meat proteins, myofibrillar proteins, sarcoplasmic proteins and collagen, are the main constituents of the structure of meat products. Myofibrillar p...
Mohammed Zaidul Islam Sarker, Mohammed Abd Elgadir, Sahena Ferdosh, Mohammed Jahurul Haque Akanda, Pingkan Aditiawati, Takahiro Noda
Starch/Staerke   65 73-81   Jan 2013
The objective of this review article is to investigate rheological behaviors of starch-based biopolymer mixtures in selected food systems. Numerous recently published studies on this subject were thoroughly screened and reviewed. This paper indica...
Hashimoto N, Shinomiya N, Saito K, Noda T, Han KH, Fukushima M
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry   77(4) 850-852   2013   [Refereed]
Suzuki T, Mukasa Y, Morishita T, Takigawa S, Noda T
Breeding science   62(4) 360-364   Dec 2012   [Refereed]
Tatsuro Suzuki, Dong Hoon Shin, Sun Hee Woo, Yuji Mukasa, Toshikazu Morishita, Takahiro Noda, Shigenobu Takigawa, Naoto Hashimoto, Hiroaki Yamauchi, Chie Matsuura-Endo
Food Science and Technology Research   18 571-575   Nov 2012
Tartary buckwheat is targeted as a healthy food because its food contains large amounts of polyphenols such as rutin and quercetin, especially. Quercetin is a substrate for POX activity, which sometimes plays important roles for quality changes in...
Sarker ZI, Elgadir MA, Ferdosh S, Akanda JH, Manap MY, Noda T
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)   17(5) 5733-5744   May 2012   [Refereed]
Narpinder Singh, Seeratpreet Kaur, Naoto Isono, Yuya Ichihashi, Takahiro Noda, Amritpal Kaur, Jai Chand Rana
Food Research International   46 194-200   Apr 2012
Diversity in amylopectin structure, granule size distribution, thermal and rheological properties of starches amongst rice bean germplasm was evaluated. Starches from different rice bean lines showed unimodal and bimodal distribution profiles for ...
Takahiro Noda, Shogo Tsuda, Motoyuki Mori, Tatsuro Suzuki, Shigenobu Takigawa, Chie Matsuura-Endo, Hiroaki Yamauchi, Mahammed Zaidul Islam Sarker
Starch/Staerke   64 229-236   Mar 2012
To test the effects of the annual fluctuation of the environmental factors on the starch properties in potato tuber development, starches were isolated from potato cultivars grown for ten consecutive years (2001-2010) on the experimental farm in M...
Abd Elgadir M, Akanda MJ, Ferdosh S, Mehrnoush A, Karim AA, Noda T, Sarker MZ
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)   17(1) 584-597   Jan 2012   [Refereed]
Takahiro Noda, Shogo Tsuda, Motoyuki Mori, Tatsuro Suzuki, Shigenobu Takigawa, Chie Matsuura-Endo, Hiroaki Yamauchi, Md Zaidul Islam Sarker
Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment   9 37-40   Nov 2011
Eighty-six starch samples were isolated from 12 potato cultivars grown for 8 consecutive years (2002-2009) in Hokkaido, including 4 coloured cultivars, Kitamurasaki, Shadow Queen, Northern Ruby and Inca no mezame, and investigated for phosphorus c...
Hashimoto N, Nakamura Y, Noda T, Han KH, Fukushima M
Plant foods for human nutrition (Dordrecht, Netherlands)   66(4) 401-407   Nov 2011   [Refereed]
Narpinder Singh, Shubhpreet Kaur, Naoto Isono, Takahiro Noda
Food Chemistry   122 65-73   Sep 2010
Twenty chickpea cultivars were evaluated for genetic diversity in seeds (physical, hydration and cooking), flours (composition, pasting and gel textural) and starch (swelling, thermal, amylose content and amylopectin structure) properties. Frequen...
Hashimoto N, Noda T, Kim SJ, Yamauchi H, Takigawa S, Matsuura-Endo C, Suzuki T, Han KH, Fukushima M
Plant foods for human nutrition (Dordrecht, Netherlands)   65(3) 266-270   Sep 2010   [Refereed]
Suzuki T, Kim SJ, Mukasa Y, Morishita T, Noda T, Takigawa S, Hashimoto N, Yamauchi H, Matsuura-Endo C
Journal of the science of food and agriculture   90(7) 1232-1237   May 2010   [Refereed]
Mineo H, Morikawa N, Ohmi S, Ishida K, Machida A, Kanazawa T, Chiji H, Fukushima M, Noda T
Nutrition research (New York, N.Y.)   30(5) 341-347   May 2010   [Refereed]
Singh S, Singh N, Isono N, Noda T
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry   58(2) 1180-1188   Jan 2010   [Refereed]
TSUKAMOTO Atsushi, FUKUSHIMA Michihiro, NAGASHIMA Toshio, HASHIMOTO Naoto, SAITO Katsuichi, NODA Takahiro
Journal of applied glycoscience   56(4) 281-286   Oct 2009
Singh N, Singh S, Isono N, Noda T, Singh AM
International journal of biological macromolecules   45(3) 298-304   Oct 2009   [Refereed]
Hashimoto N, Noda T, Kim SJ, Sarker MZ, Yamauchi H, Takigawa S, Matsuura-Endo C, Suzuki T, Han KH, Fukushima M
Plant foods for human nutrition (Dordrecht, Netherlands)   64(3) 193-198   Sep 2009   [Refereed]
Mineo H, Ohmi S, Ishida K, Morikawa N, Machida A, Kanazawa T, Chiji H, Fukusima M, Noda T
Nutrition research (New York, N.Y.)   29(9) 648-655   Sep 2009   [Refereed]
Takahiro Noda, Tatsuro Suzuki, Naoto Hashimoto, Koichi Nagasawa, Hiroaki Yamauchi, Md Zaidul Islam Sarker
Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment   7 155-158   Jul 2009
Potato starch is one of the important agricultural products in Hokkaido, the northernmost and second largest island of Japan. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of cultivars and starch preparation methods on the quality parameters o...
Natalia K. Genkina, Valentina I. Kiseleva, Takahiro Noda
Starch/Staerke   61 321-325   Jun 2009
The solubilization of starch fromthe new sweet potato cultivar "Quick Sweet" (QS) in 2.2 Maqueous HCl occurred at a much higher rate than that from normal sweet potato (NS). QSstarch has an abnormal amylopectin chain-length distribution with an un...
Naoto Hashimoto, Hiroyuki Sekiguchi, Akira Masunaka, Katsuichi Saito, Hiroaki Yamauchi, Takahiro Noda, Kyu Ho Han, Michihiro Fukushima
Journal of Health Science   55 356-362   Jun 2009
Intestinal condition and ethanol toxicity have been discussed as predictors of alcoholic liver damage. In this study, we investigated the association of hepatic antioxidant enzymes and cecal condition, including intestinal bacteria estimated by te...
Hetti Arachchige Mangalika Wickramasinghe, Hetti Arachchige Mangalika Wickramasinghe, Andreas Blennow, Takahiro Noda
Carbohydrate Polymers   77 118-124   May 2009
Starch re-structured directly in potato tubers by antisense suppression of starch branching enzyme (SBE), granule bound starch synthase (GBSS) or glucan water dikinase (GWD) genes was studied with the aim at disclosing the effects on resulting phy...
Shigenobu Takigawa, Takashi Ohsasa, Tatsuro Suzuki, Chie Matsuura-Endo, Naoto Hashimoto, Katsuichi Saito, Hiroaki Yamauchi, Takahiro Noda
Nippon Shokuhin Kagaku Kogaku Kaishi   56 114-117   Apr 2009
The optimal conditions for the production of 7- amino-butyric acid (GABA) from sodium glutamate and pyri-doxal 5-phosphate were investigated using three agricultural products as sources of the GABA synthesis enzyme. In addition, the effect of a hi...
Takahiro Noda, Naoto Isono, Alexey V. Krivandin, Olga V. Shatalova, Wioletta Błaszczak, Vladimir P. Yuryev
Carbohydrate Polymers   76 400-409   Apr 2009
A combined approach of fluorophore-assisted capillary electrophoresis (FACEL), high-sensitivity differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), wide-angle X-ray scattering (WAXS), small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), and light (LM) and scanning electron ...
Hetti Arachchige Mangalika Wickramasinghe, Hetti Arachchige Mangalika Wickramasinghe, Kazuo Yamamoto, Hiroaki Yamauchi, Takahiro Noda
Food Science and Biotechnology   18 118-123   Feb 2009
In order to find out the effect of low level of starch acetylation on physicochemical properties of potato starch, amylose content, digestibility of raw and gelatinized starch, thermal properties, pasting properties, and the swelling power of nati...
MYODA Takao, NAGAI Takeshi, TSUKAMOTO Atsushi, NODA Takahiro, NAGASHIMA Toshio
Food preservation science   35(1) 17-21   Jan 2009
Nurul Absar, Nurul Absar, I. S M Zaidul, I. S M Zaidul, Shigenobu Takigawa, Naoto Hashimoto, Chie Matsuura-Endo, Hiroaki Yamauchi, Takahiro Noda
Food Chemistry   112 57-62   Jan 2009
The rapid hydrolysis of potato starches differing in phosphorus content, as well as sweet potato, cassava and yam starches, was accomplished by treatment of gelatinised starches with bacterial liquefying α-amylase at 50 °C for 1 h, followed by Bac...
Hetti Arachchige Mangalika Wickramasinghe, Shigenobu Takigawa, Chie Matsuura-Endo, Hiroaki Yamauchi, Takahiro Noda
Food Chemistry   112 98-103   Jan 2009
The physicochemical properties of starches of six different root and tuber crop species grown mainly in Sri Lanka showed significant differences among the tested crop species and varieties. The median granule size of starch of tested root and tube...
Suzuki T, Watanabe M, Iki M, Aoyagi Y, Kim SJ, Mukasa Y, Yokota S, Takigawa S, Hashimoto N, Noda T, Yamauchi H, Matsuura-Endo C
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry   57(1) 259-264   Jan 2009   [Refereed]
MINEO Hitoshi, KANAZAWA Takumi, MORIKAWA Nao, ISHIDA Kyo, OHMI Sayako, MACHIDA Ayaka, NODA Takahiro, FUKUSHIMA Michihiro, CHIJI Hideyuki
Journal of Applied Glycoscience   55(4) 203-209   Oct 2008
Adaptation of digestive enzymes in the small intestine and pancreas was evaluated in rats fed different types of starch. Male Sprague-Dawley rats at 6 weeks were fed 3 types of diet containing, corn starch, or two kinds of potato starch with diffe...
Kim SJ, Zaidul IS, Suzuki T, Mukasa Y, Hashimoto N, Takigawa S, Noda T, Matsuura-Endo C, Yamauchi H
Food chemistry   110(4) 814-820   Oct 2008   [Refereed]
T. Noda, S. Takigawa, C. Matsuura-Endo, T. Suzuki, N. Hashimoto, N. S. Kottearachchi, H. Yamauchi, I. S M Zaidul
Food Chemistry   110 465-470   Sep 2008
The enzymatic digestibilities of raw and gelatinized starches in various potato starches, as well as sweet potato, cassava, and yam starches, were estimated, along with other starch properties, such as the phosphorus content, median granule size, ...


石黒 浩二, 西村 三恵, 森下 敏和, 芦沢 順三, 鈴木 達郎, 野田 高弘, 西平 順
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JATAFFジャーナル = JATAFF journal   1(8) 4-9   Aug 2013
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