NUNOME Tsukasa

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NUNOME Tsukasa
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science, Division of vegetable breeding, Breeding technology unit
Job title
unit leader
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I have engaged in the development and application of genetic analysis techniques for vegetable breeding using genome information. In particular, I am interested in fruit morphogenesis of vegetables such as tomatoes, identify the responsible gene of tomato parthenocarpy pat - 2, and focus on accelerating breeding of new cultivar and identifying of new alleles.

Research Areas


Published Papers

Ohyama Akio, Shirasawa Kenta, Matsunaga Hiroshi, Negoro Satomi, Miyatake Koji, Yamaguchi Hirotaka, Nunome Tsukasa, Iwata Hiroyoshi, Fukuoka Hiroyuki, Hayashi Takeshi
THEORETICAL AND APPLIED GENETICS   130(8) 1601-1616   Aug 2017   [Refereed]


E. Yamamoto, H. Matsunaga, A. Onogi, A. Ohyama, K. Miyatake, H. Yamaguchi, T. Nunome, H. Iwata, H. Fukuoka
Heredity      Sep 2016
© 2016 The Genetics Society Macmillan Publishers Limited, part of Springer Nature.Genomic selection (GS), which uses estimated genetic potential based on genome-wide genotype data for a breeding selection, is now widely accepted as an efficient me...
Masanori Honjo, Tsukasa Nunome, Sono Kataoka, Takayoshi Yano, Megumi Hamano, Hiromichi Yamazaki, Toshiya Yamamoto, Masami Morishita, Susumu Yui
Euphytica   209 291-303   May 2016
© 2015, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.To identify markers closely linked to the everbearing gene in the octoploid cultivated strawberry Fragaria × ananassa, we conducted linkage analysis based on simple sequence repeat (SSR) polymorphi...
山本英司, 松永啓, 布目司, 山口博隆, 宮武宏治, 大山暁男, 福岡浩之
育種学研究   18 73   Mar 2016
Koji Miyatake, Takeo Saito, Satomi Negoro, Hirotaka Yamaguchi, Tsukasa Nunome, Akio Ohyama, Hiroyuki Fukuoka
Theoretical and Applied Genetics   129 357-367   Feb 2016
© 2015, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.Key message: This is the first report on genetic mapping of a resistance locus againstFusariumwilt caused by the plant pathogenFusarium oxysporumf. sp.melongenaein cultivated eggplant. Abstract: Fusarium w...