Tomoo Okinaka

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Tomoo Okinaka
Kindai University
Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests



ETOH Takeharu, Nguyen H. D., Dao V. T. S., TANAKA Masatoshi, TAKEHARA Kohsei, OKINAKA Tomoo, MARUYAMA Hirotaka, HAYASHIDA Tetsuya, ARAI Toshiki, KURETA Masatoshi, SEGAWA Mariko, ARAI Masatoshi
ITE Technical Report   35(17) 23-26   Mar 2011
In 2010, we developed a BSI image sensor capable of capturing images at 16Mfps. A preliminary evaluation result of the sensor is summarized. A concept of a next generation ultra-high-speed image sensor is also presented, which has a new function, ...
Proceedings of the Japan Society for Photoelasticity   14(3) 182-186   2014
   Image analysis with ultra-high-speed camera is applied to the unstable crack growth under quasi-static uniaxial compression. Stress field around the moving crack tip in the transparent specimen is visualized by means of photo-elastic technique ...
Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. A   75(757) 1193-1201   Sep 2009
Unstable crack growth under quasi-static loading condition is studied both experimentally and numerically in this work. Image analysis is applied to the experimental study. Stress field around the propagating crack tip is visualized by means of ph...
OKINAKA Tomoo, ETOH T. Goji, TAKEHARA Kohsei, KONDO Yasushi, MARUNO Hiromasa, SOYA Hideki
Transactions of the Visualization Society of Japan   24(1) 1-8   Jul 2004
A post-digital processing for a convertible triple in-situ storage image sensor (ISIS) camera is developed in this work. The convertible Triple-ISIS camera is converted from three single ISIS cameras by users. The camera has the frame rate of 1Mfp...
OKINAKA Tomoo, HORI Muneo, OGUNI Kenji
Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. A1 (Structural Engineering & Earthquake Engineering (SE/EE))   65(2) 321-334   2009
It is known that the crack path varies due to various disturbance factors, such as a heterogeneity of the material and interaction between cracks. Images of crack growth from parallel cracks under the quasistatic loading is captured by the ultra-h...