Tomohiko Tomita

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Tomohiko Tomita
Kumamoto University
Job title
Associate Professor
Ph. D.(University of Tsukuba)

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Published Papers

Tomohiko Tomita, Tsuyoshi Yamaura
Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere   13 85-89   Jan 2017
© 2017, the Meteorological Society of Japan. The North Pacific shows dominant monthly-mean large-scale atmospheric circulation anomalies, even after removing the variabilities of the Northern Hemisphere annular mode and the El Niño/Southern Oscill...
Shigeki Hosoda, Masami Nonaka, Tomohiko Tomita, Bunmei Taguchi, Hiroyuki Tomita, Naoto Iwasaka
Journal of Oceanography   71 541-556   Oct 2015
© 2015, The Oceanographic Society of Japan and Springer Japan. Observational data are used to investigate summer heat penetration into the subsurface ocean in order to quantify the heat capacity of the upper ocean with respect to surface heat exch...
Chihiro Kodama, Yohei Yamada, Akira T. Noda, Kazuyoshi Kikuchi, Yoshiyuki Kajikawa, Tomoe Nasuno, Tomohiko Tomita, Tsuyoshi Yamaura, Hiroshi G. Takahashi, Hiroshi G. Takahashi, Masayuki Hara, Yoshio Kawatani, Masaki Satoh, Masaki Satoh, Masaki Satoh
Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan   93 393-424   Jan 2015
© 2015, Meteorological Society of Japan. A 20-year integration by the nonhydrostatic icosahedral atmospheric model (NICAM) with a 14 km mesh was conducted for the first time to obtain a climatological mean and diurnal to interannual variability of...
Tsuyoshi Yamaura, Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita
Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan   92 305-325   Jan 2014   [Refereed]
© 2014, Meteorological Society of Japan. All rights reserved.Thus, the physical processes producing the interannual variability of Baiu precipitation differ between the early and late Baiu seasons. Based on these differences, more detailed conside...
Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita, Tsuyoshi Yamaura, Yuta Kuwazuru
Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere   9 161-165   Jan 2013   [Refereed]
© 2013, the Meteorological Society of Japan.Decadal-scale modulation (DSM) appears in the atmospheric circulation change around the onset (July 20) of the western North Pacific summer monsoon (WNPSM). This work examined the DSM associated with the...
Tsuyoshi Yamaura, Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita
Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan   90 449-465   Oct 2012   [Refereed]
Interannual variations of both the Baiu precipitation and tropical cyclone (TC) activity in the western North Pacific (WNP) are controlled by large-scale atmospheric circulations associated with the El Niño/Southern oscillation (ENSO) and the trop...
Kyong Hwan Seo, Jun Hyeok Son, Seung Eon Lee, Tomohiko Tomita, Hyo Seok Park
Geophysical Research Letters   39    Mar 2012   [Refereed]
Previous studies have demonstrated that the strong East Asian summer monsoon results mainly from the westward intensification of the North Pacific subtropical high (NPSH), or equivalently, the enhancement of the western North Pacific subtropical h...
Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita, Tsuyoshi Yamaura, Tetsuhiro Hashimoto
Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan   89 517-537   Nov 2011   [Refereed]
Baiu is a Japanese name for rain and the rainy season that occurs in boreal early summer in the western North Pacific (WNP). This work proposes a methodology to determine the Baiu onset and closing dates using only an atmospheric parameter, the eq...
Tsuyoshi Yamaura, Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita
International Journal of Climatology   31 57-71   Jan 2011   [Refereed]
The Baiu frontal activity (BFA) clearly shows spatiotemporal differences in its interannual variability. This work examines the physical mechanisms behind these differences. On interannual time scales, the Baiu front can be divided into three subr...
Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita, Masami Nonaka, Tsuyoshi Yamaura
International Journal of Climatology   30 2205-2216   Nov 2010   [Refereed]
The Baiu front, a quasi-stationary front that appears in early boreal summer near the northwestern rim of the subtropical Pacific high, shows interannual variability characterised by polarity changes in precipitation anomalies during the subseason...
Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita, Hiroyasu Sato, Masami Nonaka, Masayuki Hara
Geophysical Research Letters   34    May 2007   [Refereed]
In the Kuroshio region (KR), the early summer surface heat flux (SHF) exhibits a rapid increase around 1990 as a climate shift, which is rooted in the oceanic interdecadal variability in the North Pacific. The sea surface temperature (SST) in the ...
Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita, Hiroyuki Kusaka, Hiroyuki Kusaka, Ryo Akiyoshi, Yoshiyuki Imasato, Yoshiyuki Imasato
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology   46 241-247   Feb 2007   [Refereed]
Gradual cooling in the evening forms a wintertime nocturnal urban heat island. This work, with a mesoscale model involving urban canopy physics, is an examination of how four thermal and geometric controls - anthropogenic heat QF, heat capacity C,...
Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita, Masami Nonaka
Journal of Climate   19 300-307   Jan 2006   [Refereed]
In the North Pacific, the wintertime sea surface temperature anomaly (SSTA), which is represented by March (SSTAMar), when the upper-ocean mixed layer depth (hMar) reaches its maximum, is formed by the anomalous surface forcing from fall to winter...
Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita, Takao Yoshikane, Tetsuzo Yasunari, Tetsuzo Yasunari
Journal of Climate   17 4254-4266   Nov 2004   [Refereed]
Early summer climate in the western North Pacific is largely represented by the baiu phenomenon. The meridional fluctuations of the baiu front on interannual time scales and the associated large-scale circulations are examined using the empirical ...
Tomohiko Tomita, Shang Ping Xie, Masami Nonaka
Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan   80 1289-1300   Oct 2002   [Refereed]
The upper ocean, atmosphere and their interaction over the North Pacific exhibit pronounced decadal to interdecadal variations. A diagnostic equation for analyzing the heat budget for decadal variability in winter sea surface temperature (SST) is ...
Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita, Bin Wang, Bin Wang, Tetsuzo Yasunari, Tetsuzo Yasunari, Tetsuzo Yasunari, Hisashi Nakamura, Hisashi Nakamura, Hisashi Nakamura
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans   106 26805-26815   Nov 2001   [Refereed]
The global patterns associated with decadal-scale variability (DSV) are examined by a lag correlation technique based on local anomaly indices, using the fields of measured sea surface temperature (SST) and 850 hPa geopotential height for the last...
Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita
Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan   78 499-507   Aug 2000   [Refereed]
The longitudinal structure of interannual variability (IAV) of sea surface temperature (SST) is examined diagnostically for the period 1949-97 (49 years) in the entire equatorial oceans (5°N-5°S). In the central-eastern Pacific to the east of 170°...
Michio Yanai, Michio Yanai, Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita
Journal of Climate   11 463-482   Mar 1998   [Refereed]
Using the National Centers for Environmental Predictions (NCEP)-National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) reanalysis, distributions of the heat source Q1 and moisture sink Q2 between 50° N and 50° S are determined for & 15-yr period from 198...
Michio Yanai, Michio Yanai, Tomohiko Tomita, Tomohiko Tomita
Journal of Climate   11 463-482   Jan 1998
Using the National Centers for Environmental Predictions (NCEP)-National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) reanalysis, distributions of the heat source Q 1 and moisture sink Q 2 between 50° N and 50° S are determined for & 15-yr period from...
Tomohiko Tomita, Tetsuzo Yasunari
Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan   74 399-413   Aug 1996   [Refereed]
The diagnostic study of the biennial oscillation (BO) of the ENSO/monsoon system is performed by using the sea surface temperature (SST), sea surface wind, sea level pressure, and outgoing longwave radiation data. The BO is a prominent feature of ...

Books etc

Hot Spots in the Climate System: New Developments in the Extratropical Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Research
Hosoda, S., M. Nonaka, T. Tomita, B. Taguchi, H. Tomita, and N. Iwasaka (Part:Joint Work, 73-89)
Springer   Jan 2016   

Conference Activities & Talks

Climate forecasting by ConvLSTM on segmented region
Ekasit Phermphoonphiphat, Tomohiko Tomita, Masayuki Numao, Ken-ichi Fukui
27 Aug 2018   
Effects of the Australian monsoon on the duration of La Niña longer than that of El Niño
Taiga Shirai, Tomohiko Tomita
JpGU Meeting 2018   21 May 2018   
Interannual variability of the Baiu front in May
Tomohiko Tomita, Tsuyoshi Yamaura
JpGU Meeting 2018   20 May 2018   
Preliminary Study on Machine Learning Approach for Climate Change Prediction
30 Oct 2017   
Persistence of the sea surface temperature anomalies near the North Pacific oceanic front in early summer and the associated atmospheric and oceanic circulations
Taisei Kusu, Tomohiko Tomita
JpGU Meeting 2017   25 May 2017   
Interannual variability of the form of the Baiu rainband and the associated large-scale atmospheric circulations
Kumiko Tsuji, Tomohiko Tomita
AGU Fall Meeting 2016   12 Dec 2016   
Climatological monthly frequency of the explosive cyclones in the northwestern parts of the Pacific and the Atlantic
Takumi Tsukijihara, Tomohiko Tomita, Koki Iwao
JpGU Meeting 2016   22 May 2016   
Predictability of the specific monthly-mean large-scale atmospheric anomalies over the North Pacific
Tomohiko Tomita, Tsuyoshi Yamaura, Yuta Fukuda, Takumi Tsukijihara
JpGU Meeting 2016   22 May 2016