Tomomi Hashimoto

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Tomomi Hashimoto
Alternative names
Tomomi N. Hashimoto


My major is Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing and Home Nursing.

・Completion of a training course for superviser, The Japan society of M-GTA(Modified Grounded Theory Approach),2017
・Certified Nurse,Japan society Aromatherapy,2008

Research Areas


Teaching Experience


Social Contribution

Aromatherapy and Wellness
[Lecturer, Demonstrator]  Gunma Parkinson Association  Jul 2016
Nurse Counseling for community regidents
[Organizing Member, Investigater]  Apr 2009 - Mar 2014
Nursing job for Chirdren
[Lecturer, Demonstrator]  Aug 2013
[Lecturer, Demonstrator]  Extension recture in UNITY  Oct 2011
Support activities for disaster victoms of the Great Japan Earthquake
[Others]  May 2011