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Kyoto University
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Assistant Professor
Ph.D.(Kyushu University)
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My study interests are nutritional science of animals during developmental stage, application of metabolomics (especially targeted-analysis of tryptophan metabolites) in animal science, and functions of imidazole dipeptides (carnosine, anserine, balenine, etc.).

Research Areas


Committee Memberships

Apr 2015
Japan Poultry Science Association  Editorial Board (Section Editor)

Published Papers

Inoue H, Matsushige T, Ichiyama T, Okuno A, Takikawa O, Tomonaga S, Anlar B, Yüksel D, Otsuka Y, Kohno F, Hoshide M, Ohga S, Hasegawa S.
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Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology   424 71-80   Mar 2016   [Refereed]


Plasma metabolomic profiling in chickens under heat stress
15th Annual Conference of the Metabolomics Society      Jun 2019   [Refereed]
The effect of dietary carnosine supplementation on metabolite levels in the liver and cecal content of mice
Nakata R, Sato M, Kawabe S, Shiota S, Tomonaga S.
3rd International Symposium of Kyoto Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry Society      Feb 2019
Plasma levels of tryptophan and quinolinic acid in chicks
Tomonaga S, Matsuo K, Shiraishi J.
2015 International Society for Tryptophan Research Conference      Sep 2015
Effects of orally administered threonine on low-molecular-metabolite concentrations in plasma and tissues of growing rats
Yano J, Tomonaga S.
12th Asian Congress of Nutrition      May 2015
Effects of orally administered β-alanine on imidazole dipeptide levels in chickens
Tomonaga S.
International Congress on Carnosine and Anserine 2014      Aug 2014   [Invited]

Books etc

Tyrosine and Aspartic Acid: Properties, Sources and Health Benefits
Tomonaga S, Erwan E, Denbow DM, Furuse M. (Part:Joint Work, Functions of brain L-aspartate and its derivatives on stress responses. in press)
NOVA Science Publishers Inc.   Jun 2012   ISBN:978-1-62100-815-6
Arginine Amino Acid
Tomonaga S, Denbow DM, Furuse M. (Part:Joint Work, Central functions of L-arginine and its metabolites for stress behavior. 163-189)
NOVA Science Publishers Inc.   Jan 2011   ISBN:978-1-61761-981-6
Handbook of Green Tea and Health Research
Furuse M, Adachi N, Tomonaga S, Yamane H, Denbow DM. (Part:Joint Work, Central functions of green tea components. 1-22)
EAAP Publication   Mar 2009   ISBN:978-1-60741-045-4