YAGI Hirosi

YAGI Hirosi

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YAGI Hirosi
Yamagata University
Job title
Doctor (Science)(Tohoku University)
Research funding number

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1986
Apr 1991
Research Assistant, National Defense Academy
Apr 1991
Nov 1996
Lecturer, National Defense Academy
Feb 1995
Aug 1995
Researcher, International Centre for Mountain Development
Jul 2002
Professor, Yamagata University

Committee Memberships

Jun 2018
Japan Landslide Society  President of Japan Landslide Society
Apr 2016
Apr 2018
Japan Landslide Society  Regional branch division chief, Northeast Japan

Published Papers

Dormant landslides distributed in upper course of SunKosi watershed and landslides induced by Nepal Gorkha Earthquake 2015
Hiroshi YAGI, Kazunori HAYASHI, Daisuke HIGAKI, Chin-Ying Tsuo and Go SATO
Journal of Nepal Geological Society, Special Issue   55(Sp.Issue) 61-67   Apr 2018   [Refereed]
Tsou Ching-Ying, Chigira Masahiro, Higaki Daisuke, Sato Go, Yagi Hiroshi, Sato Hiroshi P., Wakai Akihiko, Dangol Vishnu, Amatya Shanmukhesh C., Yatagai Akiyo
LANDSLIDES   15(5) 953-965   May 2018   [Refereed]
Kurashimo, E., Sato1,H., Sakai, S., Hirata, N., Gajure, A.P., AdhikariD.P. , Subedi, K.P., Yagi, H. and Upreti, B. N.
Geophysical Research Letters   (46)    Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Gravitational deformation and faulting around Sekita and Hiramaru paths along main ridge of Sekita range, central Japan
Hiroshi YAGI & Takashi INOKUCHI
Journal of Japan Landslide Society   54(4) 39-41   Jul 2017   [Refereed]
Topographic characteristics of landslides triggered by the 2015 Gorkha earthquake
Tsou, C.-Y., Higaki, D., Chigira, M., Yagi, H., Dangol, V., Amatya, S.C., Hayashi, K., Kato, H.,
Nepal. Journal of Nepal Geological Society   55(Sp. Issue) 69-75   Apr 2018   [Refereed]


Reconnaissance of landslide triggered by the April 2015 Nepal Gorkha Earthquake
25-36   Mar 2016

Books etc

Earthquake-Induced Lanslides.
Ugai,K., Yagi,H. & Wakai,A. (Part:Joint Editor, 編集全般)
Springer   Nov 2012   ISBN:978-3-642-322
八木 浩司,八木浩司、齋藤宗勝、牧田肇 (Part:Joint Work)
自湧社   Mar 1998   
Toshiki OSADA eds. (Part:Joint Work)
Kyoto University Press   Oct 2013   ISBN:978-4-87698-3
Landslide Study Using Aerial Photographs. Li, T., Chalise, S. & Upreti, B.N. eds,Landslide Hazard Mitigation in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas (joinly worked)
Yagi, H. (Part:Joint Work)
Internationa Centre for Integrated Mountain Development   Mar 2001   ISBN:9291153281
Active Faults Map in Urban Area
Geospatioal Information Authority of Japan   Nov 2012   

Conference Activities & Talks

Landslide susceptibility mapping adopting AHP method
Yagi, H.
2nd central America and Caribbean congress   21 Jul 2016   UNHA
Source fault geometry of the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake (Mw 7.8), Nepal, derived from a dense aftershock observation
Kurashimo, E.Sato, H., Sakai, S. Hirata, H.,Gajurel, A.P.. Adhikari D.P. Upreti B.N., Yagi,H. Bhattarai, T.N. & Ishiyama, T.
2016 meeting of Nepal geological Society   2 Dec 2016   Nepal Geological Society
Finite element simulation for seismic grounf response in mountainous areas at the time of 2015 Nepal Gorkha Earthquake
Wakai,A., Yagi,H., Sato,G. &Chigira, M
2017JpGU   24 May 2017   日本地球惑星学連合
Bell-shape index indicating top-heavy profile of high relief mountain and gravitational deformation
Yag, H. & Hayashi, K.
4th Slope Tectonics   14 Oct 2017   DPRI, Kyoto University
Dating a large-scale debris flow event using terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide: an attempt in Marshyangdi River, central Nepal
Matsushi Y., Yagi H., Matsuzaki H.
11thAsian Regional Conference of IAEG.   28 Nov 2017   IAEG & Nepal Geological Society

Research Grants & Projects

Inventory mapping of landslide induced by the Nepal Earthquake and hazard mapping
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: Jun 2015 - Mar 2016
Inventory mapping of landslides induced by the Nepal earthquake and hazard mapping for making the plan of better reconstruction
Monitoring study on Mts. Shirakami as a world natural heritage
Joint Research(Collaboration in Japan)
Project Year: Apr 1998 - Mar 2004
Development of detection technique of risky slope based on high resolution mapping
Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology
Project Year: Apr 2002 - Mar 2005
Research committee on landslides induced by Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake 2004
Project Year: Apr 2006 - Mar 2007
Risk identification and land-use planning for disaster mitigation of landslides and floods in Croatia
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: May 2009 - Mar 2013