SAKODA Takatoshi

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SAKODA Takatoshi
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
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SAKODA Takatoshi
Japanese Journal of Farm Management   48(4) 25-35   Mar 2011
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the current situation and issues about business development and human resource management of Japanese paddy farming companies. Concretely, this paper clarifies the trends and features of business development...
SAKODA Takatoshi
Japanese Journal of Farm Management   47(2) 1-17   Sep 2009
Aging of the rice farming population and a decrease in the number of persons engaged in rice farming are serious issues in Japan. This has contributed to a succession problem in rice farms, and is a pressing societal concern. In particular, succes...
SAKODA Takatoshi
Japanese Journal of Farm Management   46(1) 63-68   Jun 2008
Higashide Tadahisa, Ibuki Toshihiko, Kasahara Yoshiaki, Sumikawa Osamu, Sakoda Takatoshi, Kinoshita Takafumi
Horticultural research (Japan)   6(1) 91-95   Jan 2007
To produce tomato in summer and autumn seasons in hilly and mountain areas steadily, we developed a sloped greenhouse and a fertigation system suitable for use on sloping land. We installed and tested the greenhouse and the fertigation system in t...
SHIMA Yoshihiro, MUROOKA Junichi, SAKODA Takatoshi, TSUJI Kazuyoshi, KUMAMOTO Syohei
Japanese Journal of Farm Management   44(1) 59-62   Jun 2006
SAKODA Takatoshi
Japanese journal of farm management   41(4) 94-99   Mar 2004
迫田 登稔, 関野 幸二, 島 義史
Japanese Journal of Farm Management   41(1) 104-107   Jun 2003
迫田 登稔
Japanese Journal of Farm Management   38(1) 63-66   Jun 2000


迫田 登稔
National Agriculture Research Center rural economic research   (60) 17-29   Nov 2010
迫田 登稔
農業技術   64(1) 36-45   Jan 2009