Toru TSUBOYA, M.D., Ph.D.

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Toru TSUBOYA, M.D., Ph.D.
Tohoku University
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My current interests are below.
1) Social Determinants of Health (SDH)
2) Clinical Epidemiology
3) Health policy

My career:

Briefly, I received MD from Tohoku university ( in Japan in 2006, and finished the residency of internal medicine in Teine Keijinkai Hospital (TKH), Sapporo, Japan.


(I love Sapporo, it's very good place to live in and to visit!)

Through my experience as a physician there, I realized the importance of epidemiology and preventive medicine, and have become interested in social determinants of health (SDH) (I did not know the word "social epi." or "SDH" at that time), then I moved to PhD in medicine at Tohoku university.
(In Japan, there are few schools of public health, and public health is included in medicine. So, MDs who would like to learn public health generally go to PhD in medicine.)

Through my PhD program I studied public health in general epidemiology and conducted research on cancer epidemiology
After I finished the PhD program, I became an Assistant Professor at Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry, and have joined in JAGES project as well as Iwanuma project.

Between Aug 2013 and Sep 2015, I worked with Professor Ichiro Kawachi especially on Iwanuma project, and published several papers. After that, I came back to Japan, and work as an Assistant Professor at Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

May 2018
Administration officer, Public Health Lab.
Jan 2018
Smart-Aging Research Center, Institute of Development, Aging, and Cancer
Oct 2012
Assistant professor, Graduate School of Dentistry, Tohoku University
Aug 2013
Sep 2015
Research fellow, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Harvard School of Public Health
Apr 2010
Sep 2012
Division for Interdisciplinary Advanced Research and Education(DIARE) doctoral course students, Tohoku University
Apr 2006
Jul 2009
Chief resident, Residency of internal medicine, Teine Keijinkai Hospital


Apr 2017
Mar 2018, Center for Professional Development, Tohoku University
Aug 2009
Aug 2009
Summer Program of Public Health, Erasmus University

Awards & Honors

Dec 2016
Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing, SOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE
Jun 2016
Travel grand for international conference, Japan Foundation For Aging and Health

Published Papers

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坪谷 透, 西岡 大輔
プライマリ・ケア   4(2) 49-53   Apr 2019
杉山賢明, 杉山賢明, 杉山賢明, 坪谷透, 坪谷透, 大北全俊, 大北全俊, 土屋菜歩, 土屋菜歩, たら澤邦男, たら澤邦男, 尾形倫明, 尾形倫明, 谷中紳多郎, 友田てる夫
宮城県公衆衛生学会会誌   (51) 10-10   Mar 2019
坪谷 透, 杉山 賢明, 田上 佑輔, ToMEDプロジェクト
宮城県公衆衛生学会会誌   (51) 11-11   Mar 2019
坪谷透, 杉山賢明, 田上佑輔
宮城県公衆衛生学会会誌   (51) 11-11   Mar 2019
池田 登顕, 相田 潤, 杉山 賢明, 坪谷 透, 近藤 克則, 小坂 健
Congress of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association   46(0) G-91_1-G-91_1   2019
<p>【はじめに・目的】変形性膝関節症(膝OA)は痛みを主症状とする高齢期における慢性疾患の一つであり、フレイルや要介護状態、死亡の危険因子として知られている。また、疼痛は生活の質の低下をもたらす大きな要因であるため、公衆衛生学上重要な課題である。近年、社会経済状況(Socioeconomic status; SES)による健康格差が我が国においても報告されている。しかし膝痛と社会経済状況の関連を検証した疫学研究は世界的に見ても少ない。そこで本研究は、様々なSES指標を用いて、SESが地域...
草間太郎, 相田潤, 坪谷透, 杉山賢明, 小山史穂子, 小山史穂子, 山本貴文, 五十嵐彩夏, 川村桜, 星真奈実, 小坂健
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小山史穂子, 小山史穂子, 相田潤, 相田潤, 田淵貴大, 坪谷透, 杉山賢明, 山本貴文, 五十嵐彩夏, 草間太郎, 川村桜, 星真奈実, 小坂健, 小坂健
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ABE Tomomi, OSAKA Ken, AIDA Jun, ITO Kanade, KITADA Shiro, ESUMI Shingo, TSUBOYA Toru, MATSUYAMA Yusuke, SATO Yukihiro, IGARASHI Ayaka
Japanese Journal of Health Education and Promotion   27(2) 143-152   May 2019
<p>Objective: This study aimed to examine the association of social capital and social skills with mental health among medical science students.</p><p>Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional study, distributing questionnaires to 648 medical scienc...
坪谷透, 松山祐輔, 松山祐輔, 相田潤, 小坂健
東北公衆衛生学会講演集   67th(67) 28-28   Jul 2018
熊坂 勇宏, 坪谷 透, 田上 佑輔
東北公衆衛生学会誌   (67) 42-42   Jul 2018
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小山 史穂子, 相田 潤, 田淵 貴大, 坪谷 透, 杉山 賢明, 山本 貴文, 五十嵐 彩夏, 草間 太郎, 川村 桜, 星 真奈実, 小坂 健
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日本公衆衛生学会総会抄録集   77回 478-478   Oct 2018
東大介, 佐藤弥生子, 草間太郎, 杉山賢明, 坪谷透, 相田潤, 小坂健
日本公衆衛生学会総会抄録集   77th 502-502   Oct 2018
杉山賢明, 杉山賢明, 杉山賢明, 荒木優花, 坪谷透, 坪谷透, 大北全俊, 谷中紳多郎, 友田あき夫
東北公衆衛生学会講演集   67th(67) 22-22   Jul 2018
宮城県内の災害公営住宅入居者の健康状態 平成29年度調査より
東 大介, 佐藤 弥生子, 草間 太郎, 杉山 賢明, 坪谷 透, 相田 潤, 小坂 健
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佐藤朱里, 田上佑輔, 杉山賢明, 杉山賢明, 坪谷透, 坪谷透
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Jun Aida, Jun Aida, Noriko Cable, Paola Zaninotto, Toru Tsuboya, Georgios Tsakos, Yusuke Matsuyama, Kanade Ito, Ken Osaka, Katsunori Kondo, Katsunori Kondo, Michael G. Marmot, Richard G. Watt
Gerontology   64 266-277   Jan 2018
© 2018 S. Karger AG, Basel Background: A rapidly ageing population presents major challenges to health and social care services. Cross-country comparative studies on survival among older adults are limited. In addition, Japan, the country with the...
草間太郎, 相田潤, 坪谷透, 杉山賢明, 山本龍生, 近藤克則, 近藤克則, 小坂健
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JOURNAL OF DENTAL HEALTH   68(2) 85-91   2018
<p> Health inequalities among children with caries resulting from the socioeconomic status, such as education, income, or geographic location, have been reported. However, the temporal trends in health inequalities has not been reported. This stud...
五十嵐彩夏, 五十嵐彩夏, 相田潤, 坪谷透, 杉山賢明, 山本龍生, 近藤克則, 小坂健
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山本貴文, 原田奈穂子, 相田潤, 坪谷透, 杉山賢明, 五十嵐彩夏, 小坂健
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坪谷透, 坪谷透
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東日本大震災からの教訓 震災による健康被害の社会的決定要因 東日本大震災における健康被害の社会的決定要因 宮城県岩沼市からの報告
坪谷 透
日本公衆衛生学会総会抄録集   76回 152-152   Oct 2017
高齢者の義歯の清掃習慣と呼吸器疾患との関連 JAGESプロジェクト横断研究
草間 太郎, 相田 潤, 坪谷 透, 杉山 賢明, 山本 龍生, 近藤 克則, 小坂 健
日本公衆衛生学会総会抄録集   76回 301-301   Oct 2017
高齢者の目・耳・口の機能低下とソーシャルネットワークの関連 JAGES横断研究
五十嵐 彩夏, 相田 潤, 坪谷 透, 杉山 賢明, 山本 龍生, 近藤 克則, 小坂 健
日本公衆衛生学会総会抄録集   76回 309-309   Oct 2017
荒井 遼, 相田 潤, 坪谷 透, 杉山 賢明, 引地 博之, 小坂 健, 佐藤 恭彰, 近藤 克則
日本公衆衛生学会総会抄録集   76回 518-518   Oct 2017
インフルエンザワクチン接種率は学歴によって異なる(Influenza vaccination coverage differs by academic background)
チンゾリゴ・ツェルムーン, 杉山 賢明, 相田 潤, 坪谷 透, 小坂 健
日本公衆衛生学会総会抄録集   76回 538-538   Oct 2017
佐藤 弥生子, 小野寺 保, 杉山 賢明, 坪谷 透, 相田 潤, 小坂 健
日本公衆衛生学会総会抄録集   76回 596-596   Oct 2017
杉山 賢明, 山本 貴文, 五十嵐 彩夏, 原田 奈穂子, 草間 太郎, 坪谷 透, 相田 潤, 小坂 健
日本公衆衛生学会総会抄録集   76回 597-597   Oct 2017
地域包括ケアシステムにおける災害対応の準備状況の把握 地域包括支援センター調査
原田 奈穂子, 山本 貴文, 杉山 賢明, 坪谷 透, 小坂 健
日本公衆衛生学会総会抄録集   76回 637-637   Oct 2017
地域包括ケアシステムにおける災害対応の準備状況の把握 全国市区町村調査
山本 貴文, 原田 奈穂子, 相田 潤, 坪谷 透, 杉山 賢明, 五十嵐 彩夏, 小坂 健
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口腔衛生学会雑誌   67 142   Apr 2017
3歳児う蝕有病割合の茨城県内格差の推移 地域相関研究(2005-2013年)
五十嵐 彩夏, 相田 潤, 坪谷 透, 杉山 賢明, 小山 史穂子, 松山 祐輔, 佐藤 遊洋, 山本 貴文, 小坂 健
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© 2017 Yokobayashi et al. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source...
道家充, 山崎大, 坪谷透, 辻邦彦, 真口宏介
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五十嵐彩夏, 五十嵐彩夏, 西連地利己, 西連地利己, 西連地利己, 相田潤, 坪谷透, 小山史穂子, 松山祐輔, 佐藤遊洋, 小坂健, 大田仁史, 大田仁史
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スパズムを発生させない治療 ウロキナーゼ髄腔投与・非持続的髄液ドレナージの有効性
井上 智夫, 坪谷 透, 鈴木 保宏, 荻田 庄吾, 増山 祥二
脳血管攣縮   31 68-68   Feb 2016
Yusuke Matsuyama, Jun Aida, Katsuhiko Taura, Kazunari Kimoto, Yuichi Ando, Hitoshi Aoyama, Manabu Morita, Kanade Ito, Kanade Ito, Shihoko Koyama, Akihiro Hase, Toru Tsuboya, Toru Tsuboya, Ken Osaka
Journal of Epidemiology   26 563-571   Jan 2016
© 2016 Yusuke Matsuyama et al. Background: Dental caries inequalities still severely burden individuals' and society's health, even in countries where fluoride toothpastes are widely used and the incidence of dental caries has been decreasing. Sch...

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IAGG Asia / Oceania Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics.   25 Oct 2019   
Toru TSUBOYA, M.D., Ph.D.
2016 Congress of the Americas   24 Jun 2016   SER
The human toll of natural disasters is increasing worldwide. However, our understanding of resilience in the aftermath of disaster has been hampered by the retrospective recall of pre-disaster conditions. In this symposium, speakers will present t...
Toru TSUBOYA, M.D., Ph.D.
2016 Congress of the Americas   23 Jun 2016   SER
Don’t Let Your Job Be a Pain. Insights From Occupational Epidemiology

Session Chair: Carol Burns

Rosane Harter Griep – Heterogeneous associations between job strain and blood pressure: insights from quantile regression analysis in t...
 "Disaster Resilience –Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami“: Disaster experience & Depression
Toru TSUBOYA, M.D., Ph.D.
8th ISSC (International Society for Social Capital Research)   30 May 2016   
Toru TSUBOYA, M.D., Ph.D.
The 86th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Hygiene   11 May 2016   Japanese Society for Hygiene
Grant for Young Investigator's Project
Dental status and IADL disability; the JAGES panel cohort study
Yukihiro Sato, Jun Aida, Katsunori Kondo, Toru Tsuboya, Ken Osaka
International Association for Dental Research (IADR)   Apr 2015   
The association between fatty liver status change and incidence of diabetes mellitus in Japan
Kazumasa Nagai, Toru Tsuboya, Hajime Yamazaki, Akiko Tomonari, Kunihiko Tsuji, Hiroyuki Maguchi
nternational Liver Congress TM (ILC) - 50th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL)   Apr 2015   
Prevalence and health outcomes of inappropriate drinking among older Japanese
Toshiyuki Ojima, Masayo Kojima, Toru Tsuboya, Naoki Kondo, Eisaku Okada, Mieko Nakamura, Masashige Saito, Jyun Aida, Katsunori Kondo, JAGES group
The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) , Section on Epidemiology and Public Health Meeting in Nara   Oct 2014   
[Best Poster Award]
Different association between blood glucose/hemoglobin A1c and neurological prognosis among patients with intracerebral hemorrhage: a prospective study in Japan
Tomoo Inoue, Toru Tsuboya, Yasuhiro Suzuki, Shogo Ogita, and Shoji Mashiyama
The 12th Korean and Japanese Friendship Conference on Surgery for Cerebral Stroke   Sep 2014   
Social relationships and mental health among the victims of The Great East Japan Earthquake; A multilevel longitudinal study
Yusuke Matsuyama, Jun Aida, Akihiro Hase, Yukihiro Sato, Toru Tsuboya, Kanade Ito, Shihoko Koyama, and Ken Osaka
International Epidemiology Association (IES) World Congress of Epidemiology   Aug 2014   
[Student Award]

Research Grants & Projects

Medium- to Long-term trajectory of physical, mental and social function among affected elderly survivors from the earthquake 2011.
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B)
Project Year: Apr 2016 - Mar 2018    Investigator(s): Toru TSUBOYA, M.D., Ph.D.
三菱財団: 第47回(平成28年度) 社会福祉事業研究助成
Project Year: Oct 2016       Investigator(s): 事業代表者:田上佑輔、研究代表者:坪谷 透
The Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare: Health Labour Sciences Research Grant
Project Year: Apr 2013 - Mar 2016    Investigator(s): Professor Katsunori Kondo, Chiba University
Member of the research project
FY 2013 JPY 23,000,000
FY 2014 JPY 10,580,000
FY 2015 JPY 11,500,000
Project Year: Apr 2009 - Mar 2013    Investigator(s): Professor Kazuo Katase, Tohoku Gakuin University
FY2009:¥5460000 (Direct:¥4200000, Indirect:¥1260000)
FY2010:¥5070000 (Direct:¥3900000, Indirect:¥1170000)
FY2011:¥5070000 (Direct:¥3900000, Indirect:¥1170000)
FY2012:¥5070000 (Direct:¥39...

Social Contribution

Autumn CME of JPCA
[Presenter, Planner, Organizing Member]  Workshop on social prescription  17 Sep 2018 - 17 Sep 2018
Held a workshop on social prescription
[Lecturer, Planner, Organizing Member]  tsubo828  Oct 2016
Social determinants of health
[Lecturer]  14 Jul 2016 - 14 Jul 2016
A lecture to high school students, visiting Boston
[Lecturer]  17 Jul 2015 - 17 Jul 2015
[Lecturer]  Boston Japanese International Development Community  2 May 2015
Kick off meeting for Clinical and public health Research Network of Academics In [CRENAI] Boston
[Lecturer]  Clinical and public health Research Network of Academics In [CRENAI] Boston  10 Oct 2014
[Editor]  Royal College of Psychiatrists  iMH Translation project  (Royal College of Psychiatrists)  2012
I translated leaflets of RCp into Japanese.


Mar 2014   HSPH Japan Trip
HSPH Japan Trip organizer
2019   Reviews (year)
Expert Systems With Applications(2015)
Geriatrics & Gerontology International(2018)
International Journal of Behavioral Medicine (2014)
Industrial Health (2015)
Japanese Journal of Public Health(2018)
Journal of Epidemiology (2014), (2014),(2014), (2015), (2015),(2017),(2018),(2018)
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (2015)
Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences(2019)
Journal of Occupational Health (2013), (2014)
Plos One (2014)
Social Science and Medicine (2013), (2014), (2014), (2015),(2018), (2019)
Society for Epidemiologic Research, Annual meeting (2012), (2013), (2015)
2015   licensure
# Physician (Japan, April 2006-present)
#Board Certified Member of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine (#40616, Sep 2009-present)
#Certified Industrial Physician, University of Occupational and Environmental Health (#1100465, July 2011-present)
Diplomate in Primary Care of the Japan Primary Care Association (#2012-527, April 2012-present)
Instructor of the Japan Primary Care Association (#2013-108, May 2013-present)
日本救急医学会認定 ICLS instructor (ID:5,555)
2013   Grant-in-Aid for Epidemiological Research, St.Luke’s Life Science Institute Scholarship
2013 Grant-in-Aid for Epidemiological Research, St.Luke’s Life Science Institute
Scholarship: 3,000,000 yen (USD 30,000)
Mar 2011   Article on my activities after the 3.11 disaster appeared at the ABC news
“Japan's Medical Situation Grave in Some Places, But Improving”
2010   Tohoku University International Advanced Research and Education Organization Scholarship
2010-2012 Tohoku University Competitive Scholarship & Research Fund
Tohoku University International Advanced Research and Education Organization
Scholarship: 2,400,000 yen (USD 24,000) a year for 3 years
Research Fund: 1,350,000 yen (USD 13,500) a year for 3 years