Ukyo Suzuki

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Ukyo Suzuki
The University of Tokyo

Research Areas


Published Papers

Falsificationism and Bilateralism
Ukyo Suzuki
Contemporary and Applied Philosophy   9 1-32   2017
Why is PRA special? ――a note on Tait's "Finitism" ――
Ukyo Suzuki
(42)    May 2015


Frege's Logical Conception of Sets
Ukyo Suzuki
The Dark Side of Forcing   9    Aug 2017
Nonstandard Models In Logic from a inferentialist point of view
Ukyo Suzuki
The Dark Side of Forcing   8    Dec 2016
Something Strange about Intuitionism
Ukyo Suzuki
7    Aug 2016
Gentzen's Insights, proof as a list or proof as a tree
Ukyo Suzuki
The Dark Side of Forcing   5    Aug 2015
Introduction to Proof-Theoretic Semantics
Ukyo Suzuki
The Dark Side of Forcing   6    2015

Conference Activities & Talks

use-theory and incompleteness
Ukyo Suzuki
19 Nov 2016   
Ontological Commitment from an anti-realist point view
Ukyo Suzuki
1 Mar 2016   
the concept of harmony in bilateralism
Ukyo Suzuki
11 Jul 2015   
falsificationism and bilateralism
Ukyo Suzuki
論数哲   24 Apr 2015   
The Possibility of Predicative Arithmetic [Invited]
Ukyo Suzuki
Workshop on Logic and Philosophy of Logic   20 Mar 2015